Preparing for the 2019 CFP

2017 and 2018 = Arizona and Texas Tech.
Not gonna get it done.

2019 = Oklahoma and Kansas

Alright let’s start getting prepared now so in 3 years we will be ready to go.


I hate the AAC!!

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Serious question – is Oklahoma + Kansas necessarily better for the resume than Tech + Arizona? Kansas won’t get us any respect at all unless they turn it around really quickly.

Regardless, I think Tech and Arizona are probably enough to get it done. I don’t think we’ll do it – going undefeated is pretty close to impossible, regardless of conference – but if we did, wins over mid-level P5s are probably enough.

The only way to get national recognition is to beat blue-bloods.

Boise State is ranked #19 at 6-0, with wins over to 2 mid level PAC12 schools.

They are NOT in the discussion for the CFP. Trade out one of those teams with lowly USC, then all of a sudden they are a “real” team.

Season isn’t over yet. If they win out, they might very well be in.

Can you find me one article that discusses Boise as a legitimate playoff contender?

Look at last year for example.

Iowa and North Carolina are perfect examples. Both teams are in the weaker division of a P5 conference. Both avoided the blue-blood schools until the CCG, and both were being ridiculed for having a weak SOS.


Boise has the same schedule, but without the benefit of being in a money conference.

Cotton Bowl would be nice.

Not right now, because until about an hour and a half ago there was another potential G5 team that was ranked higher and dominating the conversation. Come Tuesday, though, I guarantee there will be talk of Boise as a playoff contender.

Iowa was still in the playoff picture right up until their loss to Michigan State, though. They only fell out after they lost, and even then only fell to #5. UNC had a loss before the rankings even came out.

I guess we will find out then.

My money is on the CFP committee to give BSU the shaft when/if the time comes. Wins over Oregon State and Wazzu are not going to get you a seat at the the table, IMO.

Meanwhile, I will be rooting for them to lose.

Look at the Eight previous resumes and see if BSU (and 2017/18 UH) is similar.


  1. Bama - wins over LSU and UF
  2. Oregon - USC
  3. FSU - Clemson
  4. OSU - MSU


  1. Clemson - FSU
  2. Bama - LSU, UF, UGa
  3. MSU - UM, OSU
    4. OU - Baylor, TCU, and OkieSt

Is beating Wazzu, Oregon State, Texas Tech, or Arizona on the level of Baylor, TCU, and Okie St?
Potentially, depending on how they do in that year.

Maybe BSU has a chance, albeit a slim one.