Press Conference post Rice

Some good stuff here. Dana is honest, we really needed a win.
Jones explains it will be a by game decision on where he plays. Love his attitude, will do what the coaches want.


How will this flip flopping between O and D affect where he’s drafted?

If he’s drafted, it’s for his return skills.

It seems like he might be a little undersized. He’s listed on our roster as 5’8". Not too many corners in the NFL that short.

So I’d guess an undersized guy has a better chance of making it as a returner or a receiver than as a corner. IMO.

And he seems to have pretty good hands for someone who hasn’t played the position in college. The old saying is that corners are receivers who can’t catch very well. So maybe he’s destined to be a receiver.

Darrell Green was a 5-9 cornerback and is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

He also retired 20 years ago. The game has changed since then.

…and the Fastest Man in Pro Football many years running.

It has changed, for the better for small CB. It’s all about speed and route running now. Guys like Amari cooper, diggs, adams, hill, Keenan Allen. Are all route runners who are very quick, but they aren’t jumping over people, Jones has the speed and quickness to keep with these fast route running WRs. At the very least he can be a slot DB in nickel

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