Pro Day - Monday, March 27th - 2 pm

4.58 isn’t too bad for a slot receiver. His shiftiness will be what teams value along with his hands (which are huge) and route running ability.

Ayers was a 4.7 last year and still got drafted.

That’s true, but Greg’s breakaway speed in actual games just looked way faster than 4.58.

Looks like JD was off on BWill’s 3 cone drill; officially 7.07. Still not terrific, but st least in line to what a CB should be.

Ward’s 60 yard shuttle would have been 12th fastest among WR at combine.

I would say BWill and Malveaux helped their pro stocks a ton, Bowser solidified himself in the first 3 rounds, H.Wilson solidified himself in the middle rounds and Ward will be borderline as a draft candidate. McCloskey may also get some looks as an unstaffed as he impressed today as well. Beyond that, I’m not sure any of the others get much of a chance.

Results are at:

One of those game speed vs track speed things.

Maybe he should have lined up for the 40 with a LB chasing him. :slight_smile:


Surprised by Taylor’s bench performance. Either he had an off day or the guy has the best tackling technique in the AAC.

Looking at his numbers, I think he will go down as one of those really good college players that just don’t have the measurables NFL teams want. Smart player and great tackler so hopefully he gets a chance in camp to try to impress somebody.

Is Allen hurt? Not a good day for him.

Kind of took the James Cleveland route to the end of his college career.


I watched the scouts turn to each other and show each other their stopwatches as if to say “did he just do that?” The players next to me all had their phones out timing each runner and they went nuts when Wilson finished. It was an incredible moment for them to see their former teammate completely crush the 40 yard dash.

Wilson may fall into that category, like Roberts, in which teams just can’t ignore a true baller that then has the testing measurables to match.

He wasn’t alone, though. Former quarterback Greg Ward Jr. ran in the 4.4 range on his 40-yard dash and even in the high 4.3 range on some stopwatches. He’s going to make the move back to receiver at the next level and that kind of speed is bound to get him some attention.

Ward Jr., outside linebacker Tyus Bower, a member of the Harris 100 and cornerback Howard Wilson could all hear their names called on draft weekend, but that was to be expected, in some sense. Brandon Wilson, though, may have nudged his way into the conversation after the show he put on Monday at U of H’s Pro Day.

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“I can play anything,” Wilson said. “Whatever you want me to play, I’ll play it.”

Odd story about Howard Wilson in there; wasn’t reported in any other outlet:

Pro Day March 27: UPDATE – Houston

Now for the bizarre.

Redshirt sophomore Howard Wilson ran the forty in the high-4.5s (4.58s), similar to the time he ran at the combine.

Then thing got really strange.

Wilson refused to participate in position drills. When scouts asked if he was injured he told them no and that it was recommended he not take part in drills. Scouts tried to coax him into drills by reminding him Myles Garrett, expected to be the first pick of the draft, was scheduled to work out on Thursday. Wilson would still not participate in drills.

Later on Wilson was throwing the ball to former Cougars signal caller Greg Ward Jr., who was warming up for receiver drills. According to eyewitnesses, someone ran down and yelled for Wilson to stop throwing the ball – which he did.

We rated Wilson as a free agent before all this took place and this only confirms our grade

Houston Cougars
The star attraction at Houston’s pro day was flashy edge rusher Tyus Bowser, who – like Lamp – stood out at the Senior Bowl and combine and ultimately decided that his positional workout was most important on Monday, largely opting to sit on his results from Indianapolis.

Of course, that is not surprising given that the muscle-bound 6-foot-3, 247-pound Bowser lit up the track in Indianapolis, recording a 4.65 second time in the 40-yard dash, a 37.5-inch vertical jump and a 6.75 second three-cone time – each among the top results for linebackers. One timed drill that Bowser attempted to complete Monday was the short shuttle, though he struggled to do so. Bowser slipped repeatedly during the timed drill and was asked to repeat it a few times before he and the rest of Houston’s linebackers and defensive linemen moved on to the positional workout, which was alternately led by scouts and coaches representing the Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns and Tennessee Titans.
Though he did struggle, at times, with his feet slipping out from under him during the positional workout as well (including when running the arc to simulate rushing the passer), overall Bowser performed well. He changes directions quickly and accelerates smoothly for a man of his size – perhaps not surprising given that he played both basketball and football over his first two years for the Cougars.

Asked to rush the passer off the edge as well as drop back into coverage, Bowser is viewed as one of the better all-around outside linebackers in this class. He currently checks in at seventh at the position on’s board and as a solid Day 2 value. After recording 8.5 sacks and 12 tackles for loss in just eight games last season and building off that production with stellar performances in Mobile and Indianapolis, however, Bowser has generated a lot of buzz in the scouting community with some characterizing him as a possible first-round sleeper.

Wilson was slipping as well. I’ve always thought our turf was slick.

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Indianapolis Colts general manager Chris Ballard was evidently on the Houston campus yesterday and met with linebacker Tyus Bowser as well as cornerback Brandon Wilson.


I forbid any Coogs to go play for the Titans or Colts.