Profoundly different tone on the new Coogfans

I wanted to give a shout-out to all our users. Since we launched, the community here has been simply outstanding. We have had to barely moderate anything, and no threads have had to be locked. Granted when the season starts and the trolls show up, it might get a little more testy, however we have much better tools now to deal with trouble-makers.

Regardless, ALL of you are making this new Coogfans great and we appreciate it.



Yes. This has a much better feel to it. I would also like to point out that in my limited time on the old site since this one started they aren’t banning obvious trolls and there seem to be extra ones popping up.

Did you just call us tools? :grin:


If you’re a tool then we need more tools like you. :football::football::football::football::football:


If I wasn’t tied up at the moment, Portland, I’d give you something to moderate!

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Let’s enjoy it while we can, once we win the Championship this year, they’ll be coming for us :wink:

Go Coogs!



In …ummm nevermind!

Well, portland just jinxed this board :grinning:

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I am betting any trolls get the boot quickly here.

I know right? :flushed:

Heck yeah they will! :rugby_football:

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Proud to be coogfan it!!!

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Like the man said, wait till the season starts. So far a much better temperament

Bite me.

Hahhaah. I saw he signed up and posted a little here. I need to start a Coogfans Lexicon thread.

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