Projected 2 deep per Athlon Sports Magazine

So I was at CVS yesterday waiting on my meds when I started looking through the magazine rack.


4 returning starters on offense and 2 returners on defense. I figure the turnover is due to coaching change and hope that this is not the trend for college football. I love my UH football and part of it is following a cast of players every year and watching them grow.


You were at CVS in this weather?


Gotta get the essentials

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It won’t be for Fritz’s. He runs his programs like Sampson. He builds through HS.

Not to bash previous players but Fritz’s did clean house. He pushed out some players we didn’t think he would. Very talented players, but they didn’t sit his culture and the way he wants to play.


Good point Kmoney, we will have some growing pains, but Fritz is trying to build a program for long term success.


Platt will start. Are we running a 4-2-5 on defense?

Kendre Gant doesn’t exist? And neither of the Tulsa receivers in the 2 deep? Sure.

Also noticed Kris Davis isn’t in the 2 deep.


That’s my worry for college football and basketball.

Transfers are now part of the game. This is from the current article of The Athletic, about the QBs who attended the Manning Academy QB Camp:

There are way too many player missing from this list. No way Williams and Shoulders aren’t AT LEAST 2nd team and both will push to start

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I don’t think that two-deep is close to being right.


Never mind the stuff you can buy at a store, I just want power back.

Confirms what I’ve been thinking for a while now. Everyone keeps saying next year will be better, but I’m not so sure we’ll take a leap forward unless Fritz finds multiple o-linemen in the transfer portal. It might take three or four years to built the program for long-term success. When you look at all the o-line seniors on the two-deep, only three players return next year. That’s only 3 out of 10 linemen on the entire two-deep.

Hopefully Fritz can reel in some big time o-line transfers for next year. Fingers crossed that some of the redshirt freshman will be ready for playing time as well.

It would be nice to find a oline freshman who could come in and have the same impact as Oliver. That is rare on the offense line. Last freshman i remember start was Sir Penalty Rodgers

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