Projected Conf payout from 2024 Tournament


this is just based off amount of teams in the tourney? No bearing on how far a team makes it? also, is that 30M split evenly among teams in the B12? is the 30 split amongst both B12 and B10 teams?

this is good information, but way too many questions about how it’s distributed

I’m pretty sure it’s both the number of teams in and how far they advance. The “units” captures that, I believe.


Yes and once again, the ACC has earned more than the Big12.

Yah the death of the ACC in hoops was greatly exaggerated. It’s still a great league even if a couple of their better programs are down right now.

We’d have made more than the acc if shead hadn’t gotten injured I think is obvious


I read somewhere that you get about $2 million per team per appearance.

Suppose four Big 12 teams make the tourney. One only makes the first round, that’s $2 million. Another makes the second round, that’s worth $4 million. Two make the Sweet Sixteen. Each of those will get $6 million. 6+6+4+2 = $18 million total.

Split that up among conference members.

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Units are distributed over six years, generating payments to the conferences in annual chunks starting the year after the tournament in which the units are earned. For units earned in 2024, that starts with a payment of roughly $349,000 next year and ends with a payment of roughly $335,000 in 2030 (the value eventually goes down because the canceled 2020 tournament concentrated payments for the following six years).