Protesting new UH Public Art

This is very likely a subject where we can’t have a non-political discussion. However, since this is happening on the UofH campus, I felt at the very least we should post this so people are aware. May not have much discussion though.

There are people protesting or about to protest some new public art at UH.

They have a right to protest, even if I think they are being ridiculous.


In before lock.


Well I’m sure this will stay classy and respectful. But the group mentioned as the leaders of the protest, are being ridiculous to normal people.

But we have to remember these folks don’t think like regular folks, they would like to impose their beliefs on the rest of us


I get the abortion aspect. But what makes it satanic or is abortion that connection?

I’ll be going out to protest in Friday. Because that statue would give Steven King nightmares. I don’t want anything on campus that puts me on serotonin uptake inhibitors. Honestly, I think that could come to life and start strangling people.

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I think that the hair looking like horns is what they see as satanic.





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I know.
Just offering commentary on what the upset group may be worked up over.

Ah, I see. That appearance isn’t exactly biblical though, much like how people think angels look.

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Well, you didnt know princess Leia was into satan as well.


I disagree with the protesters because art is speech and I believe in free speech. I believe in the protesters right to protest and I also believe in speech that offends. I believe everyone has the right to be offended but nobody has the right to not be offended.

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Imposing your religious views on others is anti-American. What a bunch of clowns.


Only if a certain poster chimes in.

Props to duce for posting but anyone else see the irony here? What I mean is topics don’t start crap; lack of respect, lack of maturity and lack of decorum start crap.

Long live freedom of speech (and topics)!

Go Coogs!

Guess it’s better than that giant butt green plug they erected in Europe somewhere



Well that would certainly make for some un-Happy Days for Potsie

You want an “art” display with a political message at a public university be U of H or others? Then allow ALL political message art figure. Art is free speech? I am all for it.

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Art always has a message, be it political, historical, religious, etc. As far as I know, no one is disallowing any political messages on campus (other than possibly recently passed state laws but that is a political argument we shouldn’t have here).

By the way, here’s a link to learn all about the various public art on campus:

I am for all kinds of art and that includes speakers. Our school among others has taken back speakers invitations due to pressure by certain groups. That in itself is not free speech. You can’t have it one way.

Not going to argue that, but I would say that I would look at each instance seperately to see the details on who, what, where, why, as I would bet that not all those instances are the same. I think that’s as far as we can go on that subject without becoming political.

Of course, an argument could be made that speakers are different than art but of course both are speech.

It is free speech Dustin. You can’t have it one way.
Ie: Berkeley
Cal used to be the bastion of free speech. It is no longer. That in itself is very concerning.