Went to WWE’s big “Elimination Chamber” event at Toyota Center tonight. Someone had a big “H-Town Takeover” sign ringside.

Lol…pimp it, baby!


WWE is where super steroid users, rough looking babes and other sub human freaks of nature “wrassle” in hopes that they can win a giant belt with a small buckle?

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Looks like your very familiar with it all! :grin::joy:. Never watched a WWE event in my life nor intend to.

It doesn’t take much knowledge of a horse to look at a horseshoe and understand its purpose.

Its an incredible show. And unlike the semi-pro football club in town, I’ve never felt ripped off or violated paying their ticket prices. Then again, attending any NFL game is like falling asleep while nauseated.


Uhhh my stomach hurts.

Back in the day when wrasslin was real I enjoyed Paul Bosch and Wahoo McDaniel, Spoiler #1 and Spoiler #2. Are they still active?


Ok, I’ll jump in on this. Yes, wrestling is staged and choreographed but I don’t like when people scream fake. They do pull punches and stuff but some of the moves they do in wrestling don’t negate gravity. Wrestlers get injured all the time. You get slammed on your back, knees, and head for 15 minutes at least once or more a week for 50 weeks out of the year and see how you are feeling? I’m sure after a few weeks of wrestling nonstop it starts feeling like we’re in a minor car wreck. Ask any of the professional wrestlers and they will list off the numerous surgeries they have had to knees back and such. In the case of Steve Austin and some other wrestlers who have had multiple neck surgeries. So yes it is choreographed and staged but to say it is fake is a disservice to what these guys put their bodies thru.

I was there for the Texas Chain match between Wahoo McDaniel and Boris (the Russian), a classic at the Sam Houston Coliseum about 1978. Very bloody and a lot of drama. Just when he looked like the Russian had won Wahoo came to life, beat the Russian unconscious and dragged him 3 times around the ring with the chain both were tied to. My young sons loved it. My wife threw up. Quite a night of entertainment.


now you getting back into the day when I was kid. Seemed like every other week was for Championship Belt btw Wahoo n Mil Mascaras or something close to that. And the Funk brothers I think. #SamHoustonColiseum

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So, wrestling was real back then :laughing:


wasn’t sure if his comment was serious or not. #WrasslinRealorFake

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Those of you who put down wrestling for being fake (not a fair comment), choreographed (fair), scripted (fair), and staged (fair)… do you complain about other forms of entertainment for the same reason? TV, Movies, Globetrotters, etc. Not saying you have to watch wrestling but at its core, you have people working hard to entertain.


Its theatre with athletes. The only professional real sport I like better is baseball. But I just love baseball. As far as entertainment value I get mountains more per dollar watching WWE versus NFL and NBA.

Screaming “Fake” at wrestling is like screaming “fraud” at your mall Santa Claus.


Houston Wrestling introduced me to the awesome commercials of Gallery Furniture and Mr. Norman.


For those of you with fond memories of Houston Wrestling. I suggest you seek out the podcast “Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard”. He has a good episode on Houston Wrestling which he was heavily involved in.

Any of you guys remember Pepper Gomez, Gorgeous George, Duke Keamoka(sp) and on and on !!

If you’ve ever watched an ACC game officiated by TV Teddy, you’ve essentially watched WWE. Both are scripted.


You are not very familiar with sarcasm / humor are you? You thought my “when wrasslin was real” comment was questionable but didn’t question the “super steroid user… subhuman” part?

I can’t stop laughing!!!

Great podcast.

Pritchard lives in Friendswood near Booker T.

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