Puf fund

Now Texas has no friends so we can band together with tech and others to attack the PUF fund. The petition started in the last week which is no coincidence.


LMAO! Just like they ‘Affirmed’ TX/Ou to the SEC, they will affirm to their 1/3 share.

Make no mistake…there are Two Pigs at that trough.


Well the petition has us Tech and some other schools on it and Tech is on it bc of this so there is total support and A&M and ut are on an island now. How ironic tech now supports breaking up the puff.


It would beyond funny. An old man can dream!

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You know that is not funny at all. Very few Texans even know that this scam exists. You don’t give a darn? Do not shoot the messenger. If there was a time to get the public on our side this is now. Are you still laughing. Get to the hyperlink and sign it. Pass it along to everyone you know.
American citizens had cojones. We need to step up every which way we can. This puf reminds me of “unsolved murders” Eventually the killer gets caught. You don’t give a darn? Don’t be surprised if the utau pimp is at again with pimping uthouston.
Are you still laughing? I don’t think so.

Mods this puf petition should be highlighted so everyone on Coogfans can sign it easily. We gotta find a way to get it to the masses. Contacting Khan might not be a bad idea.

Thank you Top25.


You are correct. Thank you.

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Don’t call me correct. I do not matter. Your signature does.
The utau pimp does not care how he gets his money. He just takes it by force. This petition allows us to at least get some Texans to realize that public Texas University are run by a pimp.

Disclaimer to everyone:
I am not using the utau pimp moniker because I am making a silly, goofy attempt at ridiculing utau. I do it because it best illustrates what utau stands for. utau never gave a you know what about public education in the state of Texas. Look at their latest financial statements. The utau pimp actually got COVID money. You might think they have every right to do so. Really? What is the puf for?
You know what the puf is really all about?
This is about utau pimp lady’s (if you can call them that to get rich.
What would an internal audit conducted by an independent company would find?

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From what I’ve been told and read, they cannot even put an accurate valuation on the PUF, due to so many “off the books” investments…
The PUF is much like Calpers (the CA public employee retirement fund), but Calpers has zillions of eyes on it (only recently) making sure they don’t make as many boneheaded investments as in the past.

I don’t know of any such oversight on the PUF, and Texas is routinely left in the dark as to its machinations…


Where is the petition?

Here it is


Awesome TOP25
Dominique went to our school and is a proud alum. I would love for her to do a piece about what the PUF meant in its inception and what it quickly became by an hostile utau take over. She could finish the piece with there is a petition going around. Please take a look and draw you own conclusion.
Would she be allowed to even broadcast it?
If anyone on this website knows Dominic have a PUF chat together. Thank you.

I think she could broad cast it and put the spot light on it.

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I know one that could have opened fireworks.

“Who was that man”