Put the game in the hands of your best player

When Holgerson let Grier go for 2 to beat Texas he said "You give the ball to 7, and let him win it.

Why would you let King only throw it 10 times per half. He was the best player out there. Let him do some King stuff.


Puzzling gameplan.

Maybe Briles forgot he was responsible for 7 td’s last week.

It reminded of the year Payton Manning got throttled, because the defense was showing him something but it was just a disguise and he kept changing to the “right play” based on what they were showing… And the made the NFL’s best offense look terrible, it was while he was in Denver in the playoffs but I don’t remember who. They changed after that saying sometimes you just have to do what you want, and not always take what they “give” pre-snap. It is what happened to us, and it took our coaching staff untill we were down 21in the 4th to figure it out.