Putin puts nuclear force on high alert

Can you say………HOT AIR???

It’s very difficult to believe any reporting right now out of our news outlets. Yesterday on Fox News Neil Cavuto, he interviewed a mother (while holding her newborn in a bunker). It was a heart-touching story to say the least, but my question is: how did she get such great cellular signal on her phone? The interview went on for about 10 minutes without a glitch. Even news reporters who you would think have better communications equipment don’t have such great quality.

I pray for all this to come to an end, but still concerned about information coming out of our news outlets.

Most so called third world counties ( Ukraine is not) have great cheap cellular service than the US. Here the likes of T-Mobile, Verizon, ATT milk the American public for services that are very cheap outside the US.

Putin’s replacement is already identified. Saying here on record that Putin will not be President of Russia at the end of the year.

Ultimately it’s about money , and for the Russian Mafia and Oligarchs, Putin right now is bad for business.

It will be a face saving medical emergency excuse, something like much required surgery that can no longer be postponed . Putin will hand over power to Medvedev the prime minister who will then call for a snap election.


You can bet your bottom dollar, his enablers are talking about what can be done to get rid of him. Like it’s said you come after the king it better be a head shot. No second chances to strike. I hope they. Pull the trigger on this guy quick. There is some legitimate concern about his mental stability, media fabricated or not. Like someone said he’s," bad for business."

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Will they lock him up or try to rehabilitate him?:rofl::rofl:

When you link on Facebook it always looks arabic to me


When you wake up tomorrow, and you will because nobody is gonna launch nukes, you’ll see the ruble totally crashed, and the oligarchs starting to freak because they can’t access their estimated $600 billion (I read this earlier from a news site) they hold collectively overseas, mostly in dollars and euros.

Who knows what’s next, but the changes, when they come, will be dramatic.

Same for me. But it happened when I looked at another facebook link the other day from another site.

I don’t use facebook, so it’s not my settings or anything like that. Very strange.





Just more saber rattling.

I love seeing Sweden abandon its neutrality!

Is Putin crazy enough?

That’s the 7.7 billion person question some are asking. Has he lost it? When Hitler realized the war was lost he ordered his Generals to scorch earth Germany, the German people failed him and they deserved to die. Fortunately his Generals ignored his orders. In much earlier thread I created I called it Defcon there’s a link talking about Putiin preparing his people for possible nuclear war doing things a country would do, to be ready, for such.

Does this feel anywhere close to the end of WW2?

How much financial “heat” can we put on the ccp? The recent oil and coal contracts that russia and the ccp signed is IMO key. There is also this so called renewed iranian deal. Why are we even contemplating a new deal is beyond me.

The real danger I see is if the situation drags out and Putin doesn’t sue for peace, because he knows he bit off more than he can chew. It tells me he still rational. If not, could spread. Germany already adding another 112B to defense budget. That’s a huge increase for them

Maybe they’ll get up to the 2% of GDP that the NATO charter requires.

That’d be PROGRESS!!!

That said, it’s great that they are finally taking the anti-Putin steps that they need to.

When Putin says he’s alerting his nuke forces…your response should be…YEAH WHATEVER!!!

He’s won’t mutually assure his own destruction.