Q&A: National relay champions reflect on joining ‘elite club’

Q&A: National relay champions reflect on joining ‘elite club’

The Cougar: What does it feel like knowing you’ve helped bring a national title back to UH?

Lewis: It feels great, especially since I did have that mess-up at the Texas Relays, that I was able to perform on that stage and perform well. Regardless of what people want to think, everyone had high confidence for me on my team, and I know the announcers or other teams might not have. If they did know me, it was from Texas Relays, and if they didn’t know me, then they were like, “Who is this kid?” It was just really exciting.

Burke: It feels good because we came here with a lot on our plate. We were like the No. 1 recruiting class, and it feels good to know we’ve gave back what the coaches invested in us.

Martin: That’s a great experience. Something I will never forget — ever. And having a ring and some medals to back that up, I can always look back in life and be like, “I accomplished something in my track career.”

Burrell: It was great. That’s what you work for all year. How many people on this earth can say that they won a national title? Not that many. It’s special. We’re now part of a very, very elite club. We set the tone for this year, so now we have to continue the traditions.