QB Passing Game Coach

Sounds really high on Smith, also mentions Coley. Might surprise some posters on here


Interesting that he speaks so highly of Smith, even after we signed a I-FBS transfer, and even though #2 (Ui) and #3 (Coley) both return.

I’m sure that there will be a competition, but Smith appears to still be the guy to beat.

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I’m not surprised at all by this. Smith will have a big season for us.

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I loved the mention of a freshman QB. Heard Wijay was turning heads


What about McMickle? He is a freshman QB as well, any thoughts on him?

I haven’t heard anything.

And Ale is still in the mix.
The transfer is going to have to fight for his spot in this group

We’ll see who departs for the portal after spring

That will be telling. This seems to like the QB room and love the WRs