QB Situation

First 3 games, Allen turned the ball over 5 times.
Next 4 games, Postma turned the ball over 8 times.

Ridiculous play, but most of this is on the coaching and the decisions being made. Where to next? You can’t put King behind center because he’s the only real speed threat that we have at the WR position, and he is needed as much there as anywhere else.

Applewhite needs to go back to Allen, because this year is a lost cause, and Postma is a senior. You need to figure out what you will have to go with next year.

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It isn’t just about turnovers. Allen wouldn’t even try to run he had 4 attempts vs TTU, 2 were sacks for -1 yard. That limits the offense too much.

There needs to be emphasis on:

  1. Holding onto the ball, not fumbling…all positions. We need to hold the ball through the whistle.
  2. Pre-snap penalties…way too many
  3. unsportsmanlike conduct and unnecessary roughness, hit out of bounds penalties…we have one or more EVERY game.
  4. WR drops…how many this season
  5. getting rid of Bend but Don’t Break D…we play aggressive in the first half only to give up tons in the second.

If we just do these we may not have a loss. But we are really bad at “the small things”, and those turn wins into losses. Hope we can button things up.

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A good coaching staff takes care of the small things. And this staff is way far from being
good, unfortunately.