Quad 1

You called it. Our Tech game is Quad 1 now.


unless they won out they have 0 chance of getting to the top line with that awful out of conference

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I wouldn’t say that ISU is in the driver’s seat for Reg Seasn Title . I see them going 2–2 (@ UH obviously needing to be 1 of losses) on the Road in their 4 road gms. They end up w 5 losses in Conf. Houston only has 3 Road gms left, so worse case they go 1-2 (don’t thk that happens) they end up w 5 Conf losses.
Maybe i missed something . :thinking:

Edit: unless you think ISU is better team & you having them coming to FC in beating the Coogs. :man_shrugging:

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Coogs are Quad City Champions.

Come on ride the train!

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Michelle, Tanika and Tanya want this!

Something I’ve been thinking about with our home games against UT (#34) and Cincy (#35) coming up, is that we have Q2 loss protection. Meaning that while those games are both currently Q2 games, if we were to actually lose, we’re so highly ranked that we’d likely lift either team over the Q1 threshold preventing us from taking on a Q2 loss.


That’s awesome.

I looked at the rest of the teams and no doubt Purdue is #1 overall. 15-2 in Q1/Q2. That’s crazy. They also have several wins over currently ranked teams.

I think if we were seeded today:

1 - Purdue
2 - Houston
3 - UConn
4 - Arizona

Although I think the margin between 2&3 is slim, and could really go either way, we don’t have a Q2 loss like UConn. Arizona is 10-2 in Q1/Q2 we are 9-3, but Arizona has a Q2 & Q3 loss.

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I’m not saying ISU is better. Just looking at remaining SOS and seeing them finish one game better as a strong possibility; however, we’d have the better resume in KenPom and NET.

The committee would have to grapple with that assuming we split the H2H.

Fair enough. I didn’t consider SOS at all , just viewed who they have remaining on Road n gave them 2-2 for that. Gave both teams Zero losses at Home. Therefore I see 5 losses for ea team at end. Still don’t see the adv you’re giving ISU when you say " they’re in the Drivers seat" but that’s ok. Let it play out n we shall see.

Edit: even doing my example, I gave UH a 1-2 Recrd on Road to make it come out tied. I see them going 2-1 on Road to finish up. Only way ISU gets the huge advantage n in the Driver’s seat is IF IF IF they beat the Coogs next Monday.

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Depends on if the committee still hyper focuses on the high end wins as much as they did the few years tbh

UConn has the better resume top to bottom but we double them up in the “Q1A” category in both games played there and games won

ISU got a sweetheart schedule. 5 games against the top schools in conference based on the current standings (UH, BU, TT, and KU.) 4 of them at home.

If you want to worry about schedules, worry about TT. After ISU this weekend, They have three road games left against the bottom 3 schools in the standings (OK State, UCF, and WVU.) They do play Baylor, TCU, and Texas, but at home.

Like everyone else in conference, TT and ISU have struggled on the road. We control our destiny. Win out and we win conference, period.

UH, Baylor, TCU, UT on Road in their Schd.