Quentin Grimes Highlights, Houston's 1st All-American in 40 years


Every year the team gets better and the highlight reels get longer, good work as usual Pesik.


He did work this year. I don’t even think we appreciated it enough in real time.


Nice work Pesik.

This kid was a beast for us.

Hope he gets drafted.

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Hmm…did I miss something? I didn’t see him on any All American lists?

he was a unanimous 3rd team all American by all major services (AP, CBS, ESPN. Sporting News, NABC, USBWA etc…) …as the video noted he is the 1st houston AA of any kind since hakeem olajuwon

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This is a little off the subject, but does anyone know when the final 4 is going to be rebroadcast on any TV channel?

He just needs to continue to work on them handles and his footwork and he’s going to be a really good pro with his size and ability to shoot.

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Did you check any? He was a consensus 3rd Team All American. Perhaps you only check the first 2 teams?

Thanks guys. I think I only saw first two teams.

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