Quentin Grimes suffers hip pointer in Houston's win

Ugh, get well soon Quentin.

Motrin and water! LFG!


What Is a Hip Pointer?

A hip pointer is a deep bruise to the ridge of bone on the upper outside of your hip, called the iliac crest. It’s often a result of a direct blow to the hip or a hard fall.

Hip pointer symptoms include pain and tenderness. Recovery from the injury usually involves taking a break from activity until it heals.

I hope it doesn’t take long.

Per Duarte through Sampson he’s doubtful for Sat. I just dont see him playing with the team finally abt to get 8 day break after Saturday game. No need to push for 1 game. He sits pretty sure.


I had one in high school playing football. He’ll be out at least two weeks. My eyes teared up when I laughed, sneezed, tried to yell, just about anything. Those puppies hurt.

Grimes plays hard but he is prone to irritating injuries.

We had to wear hip pads that protected against that.

No one wore those when I was in HS. If fact the hip and butt pads were practically thrown in the trash and some of us ran out in girdles. lol I’m sure you can’t do that now, but most of us on defense only played with thigh pads.

You probably had face masks on your helmet the whole time you played.


:joy::joy::joy: Ok. that was freaking hilarious.

Sometimes those things shift around. That’s what happened in my case. Landed on very hard dirt right on the bone.


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grimes wont get alot of credit for that cincy win but he was the one who defended cumberland the majority of the game(end of the 1st half, most of the second, while on a bad hip) … i saw in the other thread people were saying it was hinton defending him, i rewatched, it was mostly grimes (and a little sasser in the 1st half ) tat were on cumberland


Also Grimes is still clearly hurt and gave some solid mins.


Grimes switched to Cumberland when we went 4 guards, but I do believe Hinton was still 5he drivingnforce for frustrating him.

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Grimes played 19 minutes and Hinton played 33 . Both did good jobs on Cumberland but I thought Nate got on his last nerve and wore him out

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was more referencing that someone noted he went 1-7, and credited Hinton.most of those attempts were on grimes in the 2nd half

Grimes is good moving against the press

It is just my very humble opinion - but I feel most comfortable with Grimes and Hinton handling the ball against the press - both seem to understand from where the trap will come and how to make the correct pass. Add Mills and Sasser as the guys at half court to receive the outlet when the ball moves out of the double team and we have all good ft shooters - an efficient group to close games if the other team is trapping then fouling (a common end of game tactic)

Grimes, despite the injury, drove to the bucket relentlessly against Cincy and set us up for open jumpers…unfortunately we missed most of them lol. I like Grime’s game and hope he can heal entirely before the conference tourney…