Quentin Grimes

Where do you think he is going to land? Most mock drafts have him late first- mid second round. Would be nice to have 1st round pick in both NFL and NBA this year.

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1sr round baby and representing THE University of Houston.


Great! The better he does the more I like it. However, I am not sure he is ready for the 82 game grind followed by the playoffs.

i think grimes will fall between the 19 and 32…

dejon is the very interesting to me, he isnt getting much love from draft twitter/analyst love but he is getting a ton of exec love
hoping he gets some draft night magic



Sure he is…he’s not going to be playing 30 or more minutes

My precise prediction is 26 to the Nuggets. My not so precise prediction is anywhere in between picks 20-40.


Clippers, nuggets, sixers would be great. I hope he goes to the nuggets, he can get some playing time there

ESPN has him @26 to the nuggets as well

Rockets has 2 late 1st as well. Would love to see them grab Grimes. I’m still pissed that they passed up on Rashad Lewis with 3 mid to late first rounds back in the days.

Grimes workout for Houston so there is a chance, I don’t think we should take him personally, but I wouldn’t be pissed if we did. I think he’s a safe pic for later rounders.

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Ya he’s looking really confident.

Happy for that young man.

Get yours Quentin!!!




Clippers are next? WTF??

Big shot Q! 1st 1st rounder of the Kelvin Sampson era! Lets gooooo!!!

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