Question about ESPN+ casting to TV

I am newly subscribed to ESPN+. My chief complaint is that it won’t let me cast programming from my iphone to my TV. I can do it with youtube, spotify, virtually any other streaming app, but not ESPN+. I get a message that says, “The user is not licensed to view this content” (not the exact wording, but that’s the gist). I’ve looked on some online forums, and from what I can gather, ESPN has changed their stream so that it can’t be casted to older smart TVs. Anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions on what I can do?

Can tou download the ESPN app to your TV? I downloaded the app., the tried to watch but had to log into my account via my phone before it would stream on my tv

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I’ve tried to figure out how, and haven’t gotten anywhere with it yet. That’s a good idea. I’ll keep researching.

If not…get a Firestick or an equivalent. The ESPN app should be pre-loaded.

Do you have an Apple TV?

getting a cheap streaming device is your best option…just get the lowest model firestick or roku …i think they have a low-end firestick on amazon for $17 …that has a ton of tv streaming apps including espn, which will let you watch espn+


Yeah if you have a smart tv the easiest solution is to download the espn app, which has the espn + access. Another way is by connecting your laptop via hdmi to your tv.

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On my Samsung Smart TV, I went to the Apps section and downloaded the ESPN app.

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On my ESPN app there’s an ESPN+ tab at the bottom. I can cast to a chromecast from there. On my fire stick I can access the plus programming from the ESPN app as described by others in this thread

We have a smart tv (with Roku, ESPN, etc), so easy to get ESPN +…
But we also have a cheapie portable ROKU, so when we travel, we can get everything we already pay for at home…

I have an older Samsung android phone that is not connected with a mobile phone provider but is connected to my Wi-Fi.

It does a much smother job casting to my receiver and TV so I have not made an effort to try casting from my laptop.

I have a video/radio/Internet Yamaha surround sound setup that would probably work and I think it senses and works in parallel somehow. We do Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, Pandora, and Netflix…and maybe more, I forget, sometimes from that phone. If my wife or daughter connects anything from their phone it seems I can take over and control from my android. Sometimes they have trouble waking from screen lock and I can get it from the Android.The android just sits in a drawer next to my royal recliner.

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Nope, just a standard Vizio

Thanks for the suggestions, guys. It seems my Vizio won’t let me download new apps. I think I’ll look into the Firestick option.

yes…try the firestick. The problem with the older Smart TVs is that they can’t always run the newer apps. So, you’ll need to run them through an external source like a firestick.

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I agree: Firestick has worked well for me as well on the ESPN app (and other apps as well). I have an “old” 55" LED TV.

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My Xfinity/Samsung smart TV has several ESPN options, but not ESPN +.

Looks like I’ll have to shuttle back and forth on my laptop between the FB and BB games.

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Open the ESPN app on your TV then click on the ESPN+ button and login.

ESPN+ is within the ESPN app.

This my Xfinity/Samsung smart TV but I am using the app on the TV.

Click on the Home button on your Samsung remote.

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If it is the ESPN app linked directly through Xfinity it does not let you access ESPN+. You have to use the ESPN app on your smart TV or through Firestick, Roku, etc.

I had the same problem and using ROKU has solved it for me, can also stream my Amazon Prime and Peacock stuff to the TV, too.

It is a Vizio issue, their software doesnt offer an ESPN app. Its ridiculous, I have a Vizio too. We are able, sometimes to cast through the phone using smartcast. I finally just moved our AppleTV to the patio where that TV is. ROKU, AppleTV or the like, are probably the best bet.

“There’s no native app for Vizio SmartCast, but you can watch ESPN+ via Chromecast, AirPlay or an external streaming device.”

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