Question about ESPN+

For games delegated to ESPN+, like our game Saturday:

After the game has aired, is the completed game available on the app provided with your regular ESPN cable service subscription (i.e. Uverse) for additional viewings or are they leaving the game on ESPN+ only for additional views once the game has concluded?

We just loaded ESPN+ yesterday. Does anyone know if I will be able to record the game?

The game will automatically be recorded by ESPN+ and available to watch as a replay. I’m not sure how long it takes for the replay to get uploaded to their site though.

In the banner at the top, you’ll see a Schedules & Replays tab. You would then navigate to the date the game was played to watch the replay.

Here’s the link:

To answer @UH1927, ESPN+ is completely separate from your cable subscription service. Having ESPN through Uverse does not give you access to ESPN+. I think it’s stupid, but it is what it is.


Thanks, that helps…

It is stupid, but ESPN doesn’t care since they are making more money out of it!

Espn + is a money grab.


Bout to get 6 bucks out sone Coogfans


I bought it along with Hulu and Disney +, I have to be honest with you I like it. The “Detail” series which was Kobe Bryants’ idea is pretty good, very hoop centric but gives you an insight into the game within the game.

Warning if you have a smart TV manufactured before 2016 I believe you have to get a firestick. I am not a tech guy, but I believe that is correct.

Disney has some cool content. I did not get the espn+ package.

I am hoping to stream it off a different site for free, but I too may be scrambling at 12:55 tomorrow screaming…”here, take my 6 bucks…I need ma football”.


Try Assuming your internet speed isn’t dial up level, their streams have always worked well for me and there are no annoying pop up ads to deal with.


Thanks for the link. They have old games lusted right now. Is there search function? How do you find the UH game?

It won’t be listed until game day, and maybe not until shortly before it is to air. At least that’s been my experience.

Thanks for the link…I have used a different one and will keep yours as a back up.

Yeah, I have run across others in the past filled with pop ups.


On most of the good sites you just scroll down until you find your game and hit the link. The tricky part is not hitting the wrong part that triggers pop ups…lol.

Suggestion you may want to check during the 11 am games to get a feel for it so your not scrambling at 12:55

Okay, I’m going try it. Thanks again

Which site is your choice?

I have used this mostly when I have been out of the country and want my football fix. I used it 2 weeks ago when I was traveling it was good. But sometimes you never know how good the stream will be.

I have used SportSurge too. It’s a repository for various sites that stream games and usually has several links that work well. I have learned to go straight to bilasport because I know it doesn’t have popups. I had some buddies over one night to watch a game outside on my projector and big screen. I clicked some link from Reddit and immediately got several porn pop ups. It was so embarrassing! So now I only use bilasport and will only try something else if bilasport doesn’t have the game I’m looking for.

Do you know if that have had games that were only on ESPN+ in the past?

No, I sure don’t. Sorry.

That is what has me wondering too…I am going to see if they carry those games tomorrow, the early ones. If not “Hello ESPN+ here is my credit card…do you have a free trial?”

If we can find a stream for Temple v Tulane at 11 am on espn+ we may be good…but Disney is fiercely protective.

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