Question about the Big12 drink cups

First game we got the souvenir cups and they told us they were for all season. Next few games we brought them in the stadium with no problems. Now today they said they changed the rules and said we couldn’t bring them in. The workers at the gate then started to argue with each other so we just kept walking. How in the world can they change the rules halfway through the season? Anyone else experience this?



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The first of many Coog’d its tonight.


Sounds like some middle management blast email BS.

I just ran into the same thing? Wtf??? There is no rule against cups. No advance notice or anything.

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If it’s for the same day that’s fine but that’s not what they told everybody and can’t switch halfway through the season…looks very bad

totally unsanitary concept to begin with.

Should run it by the Hilton college folks

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Done. Just moved it.

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Hahaha this happened the first game and the supervisor just let me in so I was able to bring my secret vodka in and boom what a game

Water bottle policy changed. They said bc the temps are cooler, you can’t bring in bottled water from home anymore.

They also have not had the appropriate staws for those cups all season.

We just find new ways to Coog It.

This is good technique, comrade.

Lemon Juice Bottles

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