Question about the offense

I probably should know the answer to this but does anyone know if our offense remains in its “normal” set of 3 wide receivers, a tight end and one runningback for most of the game? The reason I ask is there has been a lot of discussion about either switching quarterbacks or changing/modifying the system to get more productivity. I haven’t really paid much attention but it seems there is a good chance we remain in our basic system for most if not all of the game with some nuances like putting king in the backfield alongside a runningback before moving him to the line of scrimmage or sometimes we put the back on the line and go empty backfield.

Personally I think if we are going to stick with this system we should make a change at the QB. However, if we are going to stick with Allen it might be worth changing the formation at least on occasion (take the tight end out and replace him with a second slot sort of like your standard air rade set). That way you could have king and bonner in there at the same time instead of having king just back up bonner. Plus, it seems like the tight end is in there mainly to block on running plays and rarely gets involved in the passing game (Herman had commented on numerous occasions that the tight end is an essential part of the offense because he believed you cannot successfully run the ball without a tight end).

Anyway, my thought is with the skill set Allen has it might be worth going to a 4 wide receiver set at least on occasion to see what can work (stick with the tight end part of the time but just mix it up). Like most of you on here I’m just grasping at ideas but wanted to know what others thought.

That’s a good question. In my opinion, the staff should get the TEs more involved in the passing game. Both guys in the 2 deep were receivers in HS and have good hands and good speed for guys their size. We’ve got to find a way to exploit some mismatches and receiving TEs are a good way to so. I do like the idea of going with 4 receivers on occasion also, to mix it up and make the defense have to constantly adjust. Just my two cents.

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Yes, we basically go with a 1RB 3WR set for most of the game. Even when we’re in 4-wide, the tight end is spread out instead of bringing in another WR. Maybe with Jefferson getting back in the offense after his injury, they may try 4 WR again; they did in the game against Arizona.

I just don’t think we have the depth at receiver to go with 4-wide sets other than when it’s 3rd-and-long. On paper we do, but I guess these young guys aren’t getting it done in practice to even warrant much game action? Besides Bonner and Dunbar the only other receiver to see consistent game actions is Leday, and he mainly gets the ball on those “push passes” or fly sweeps designed to make the defense play horizontally. Keith Corbin, Courtney Lark and Terry Mark all came in with decent expectations, but haven’t shown much yet. Looks like D’Eriq King and Leday share that third receiver role. And don’t forget how often we throw to the running backs with a pass here and there to the tight ends. Leslie caught two passes for 37 yards from Postma. Brooker can flex out to the slot but he’s got inconsistent hands as well.