Question for twinmom re: injury

Here’s my question. Does the NCAA allow university medical staff to administer pain killer injections on game day? Is it medical staff discretion? Or is there a volume limit of mg that a player can receive?

The reason I ask is I’ve had a broken finger twice in my life. I know it hurt when I walked, bent, or coughed. And I’m pretty sure I yelped a couple of times when I blinked.

Tackling 210 lb. full-charging athletes with a broken finger, to me, goes into “super human mental Jedi” territory…even with a shot. Honestly, it hurts for me to even think about it. Just mind-boggling. I think I would have had that thing wrapped in about 3 lbs of bubble wrap tied together with about seven Huggies T5 Jumbo diapers.

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I think they give a cortisone or steroid type shot to help with that. I’m pretty sure they have something they use that is NCAA regulated. I do know his cast had to be a certain pad depth and they check for that to make sure he is well cushioned for his safety.