Question on free throws

Excellent free throw shooting today. But why did we have nobody to get the rebound if we missed late in the game? We sent everyone back which I thought was odd. Conserving energy for Wednesday??

Teams do this when they want to make sure no one commits a foul and kills the clock. Time can be your friend or your enemy. Use it wisely . . . . .


You also don’t want them to score quickly.

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I can promise the last thing we were thinking about was conserving energy for the next game.

We didn’t want any cheap fouls to give them free points. As bad as these officials were today it was a sound decision.


I don’t get why all ref crews lately call few fouls in the 1st half and then go whistle happy in the second. About 10 fouls in the 1st half and over 20 in the 2nd. Need TV time? How about some consistency. What is not a foul in the 1st half also shouldn’t be a foul in the 2nd.

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I predicted it after the first 10 min and sure enough it was a one-sided FT fest at the end to keep it close.


Keeping the game close for TV ratings . . . . .