Bowser has now played in 3 games. Does that mean he has burned his redshirt for the season and is not returning? I know in football you can play in 4 games and still redshirt, but I thought that wasn’t the same in basketball. I wonder if we just signed him to have a big body to practice against.

If I’m not mistaken, the rule is 30% of games in BB not 3 games. Approximately 10 games.

But it can be confusing. Bc the 30% rule like TM fell under last year n qualified under is for Medical, Injury situations only. If you are deemed healthy there is No grace period like Football. Also tells me that Ramon Walker whatever is/was Mental/Injury going on with him qualified under the Medical RS rule.

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This is correct.

So Tramon could have 2 more years after this year if he wanted ?

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:100: % correct Sir. But keeping in mind that anyone that has NBA aspirations , the Age factor will definitely come into play. If the Coogs can get him back next year that would be excellent n would very likely be his last year!

As a grad student, does Bowser even have any eligibility left after this year?

Still trying to figure that one out for ea side but i hope he’s making the best of his time at UH.

bowser is done after this season and plans to be a grad assistant after the season while finishing his master from a sampson interview


Who else is redshirting and hasn’t played this season?

Mylik Wilson and Ced Lath haven’t played. Both redshirting

And then Ramon Walker is medical redshirt. He played 10 games


Will they get minutes this season to play w/o burning their redshirt?

If that’s true then he should be playing more minutes especially towards the end

No. See above for explanation

I mean based on his height and position. If not he’s essentially just there taking up space when someone else could be there learning.

I was responding to @GooseCreekCoog cmcoog not you

No grace period in Basketball unless you are determined as Medical casualty.


He’s mainly here for practice. All the minutes he could get are going to Javier and that’s what is best for the team.