Questionable Play calling

something that has been overlooked in the fray of everything…is some of the really bad play calls

summary- why are we always running in obvious passing situations…

2nd and 10, with 1 timeout left, 15secs to play, 15yds from FG range, that is an obvious passing down. we ran down the middle for 3 yrds…called and wasted our last time out …

on every absolutely critical play, no matter how many yards we need to get, we rely on getting by running, mostly tune, sometimes a RB…we dont really have any go to passing plays …tune can run but he isnt a runner like that…i would understand if we “catching them off-guard” but pre-game in player interviews, a byu Dline said tune runs on every critical down…so teams are expecting it

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I’m dumbfounded by the delayed draw when it’s obvious the pocket has collapsed and there’s no way to run forward. I counted at least two and flashbacked to Helton.


This is a great question but please keep in mind (it is essential) that our coaching staff is pervy to information that the viewing public does not have. We might think it is obvious to us but is it really? CDH has assistants that give him information related to this situation. Coaches put in plays specifically designed for certain situations. Clock time plays its role too. Above all pesik as you know it this is essentially a chess game. You can also argue that “an obvious” play call would have not caught BYU off guard. All teams including professionals do it. Do you remember the “obvious” call to give the ball to M. Lynch in the Patriots vs Seahawks SB? The defensive play was OUTSTANDING. Everybody was expecting a run designed play. It was very easy to critic the Seahawks after the game/play but was it? Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. It is all about execution. We as viewers expect that every play will be executed perfectly…because we think it is a given. We live in an “information/immediate society” Again as you know it does not work that way when you actually play. Wasted time out? That is an entirely different discussion. That you can be sure that the entire coaching staff is always looking at improving this facet of coaching.


Dawson hasn’t had all that flattering reviews from his previous stops so this doesn’t surprise me.

At half time Dana mentioned Tune making the right calls about checking into a running play. Does he have complete control over this?

Agree, play calling was befuddling in the fourth quarter. It seemed like Dawson panicked after BYU had taken lead at the end of third. On the defensive side, am not sure Cauthen was calling plays either.
BYU was good, but our coaches handed them the game.

Playcalling or execution?

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both are tied together…you can have bad playcalls the work because they are executed well and vice versa…
going back to that specific play i listed above (the halftime play; basically at the 50, 1 timeout left, 15 seconds to play, on a 2nd and 10)
the best “realsitic” possible outcome of running down the middle with mulbah (not a burner) is getting 10-15yds, running and spiking it… that would have likely left 6 secs on the clock and STILL had to make a long field goal
removing “the best case” and looking at most scenarios, it would have likely required you to waste your last timeout (which is what happened)

the game announcers themselves said it made no sense with 15 secs left…it didnt have a high chance of getting us in field goal range, it’s almost guaranteed to cost us our last timeout…and from that point on any play that wasnt a 1st down or out of bounds the clock would run out and we wouldnt even get a chance to kick
there are tons of other plays that had better risk reward…basically any play in the play book that targeted the sidelines

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It’s early but I’d like to see what Carrier could do.

Weird kink, but I’m not here to shame


You always have to bring up The Love Coach don’t you?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a QB check out of a delayed draw, but I’d expect it out of Leach or Holgo.

The most questionable play calling of the game was BYU running it between the tackles on short yardage…and they still won the game, so…if you want to crown their a$$, crown them BUT THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE, AND WE LET 'EM OFF THE HOOK!!!

rip Dennis Green


What goes around comes around and the delayed draw is burned into my psyche after watching our loss to army in person.

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Why does he hand it to him when the guy is right there to make the tackle? I don’t like that play because of that. But I do like it when we get under center on short yardage plays.

I did notice on one occasion, following a first down play, not even the down marker made it to the LOS prior to the official making the ball in play and starting the clock. The “chain gang” was also still running down the field . . . . . wondered at the time if the rule had been changed about clock stoppage on first downs . . . . .

On another matter, “obvious” to fans is usually obvious to opposition, also. The opposition is not that stupid . . . . .

I think it was more about execution than play calling.
remember when Case was here, holgerson said he despised the “retard” offense, (his words). He doesn’t want QBs looking back at the sideline after lining up. They signal in a set or formation, not a play. QB has options from that set based on what he reads…Tune is still learning. He chose to throw the deep ball into single coverage right after BYU took the lead…if he makes it he’s the hero…we didn’t and had a 3 and out…without the rice and ntx games we didn’t have enough teaching opportunities before playing a very good opponent.
The execution will improve.
Also the key personnel out for this game was an issue as well…we needed more depth in the 4th in the secondary to stop byu.

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I’ll take your word on that :rofl:

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Do you think maybe Tune thought Porter had a better chance of getting away and gave him the ball instead of taking the sack?

Nick…your observation is logical and explains that series in the fourth quarter. Good stuff ,greatly appreciated.

I think throwing the ball out of bounds would have been better than either a sack or a loss on the play.