Racism rears its ugly head

Can we move this to women’s sports please.

Yep, this does not belong in this forum.

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Done. Moved to satellite.

I’ve heard bad things about race relations in that city.

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They should not have kept secret until after their loss. They should have taken any video they had of it and blasted it everywhere. Immediately. If they have reporters that follow the team the reporters should have been doing this also. The story would have gone viral and the team would have gotten immediate public support, and the racists possibly outed and shamed and future a-holes discouraged.

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Shocker it happened in a state that banned DEI statements. Some right wingers are calling the Baltimore mayor, the DEI mayor, because he is black.

Idaho Governor Issues Statement After Hate Crimes Against Utah Basketball (msn.com)

Coupled with this by the gov.

DEI, CRT and Woke are used instead of saying “being uppity”, it has turned into veiled racist statements.

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That’s ridiculous when you consider the makeup of Baltimore’s population.

Also, it is an elected position.

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Thanks for the screen shot instead of linking to that POS.