Racist flyers posted around University of Texas campus after tragic stabbing

These are some pretty disgusting acts, but I am not surprised by them. For a second of a thought I am surprised this has not occurred at UH, but then I think back to what it was like to be on campus at UH and UNT. There is a different feeling while walking amongst the crowds of students. There is a different feeling walking around Houston vs Denton.

I do not want to go on a long rant about why I think Houston is better than Denton or any other rural college town. Mostly because I don’t think my experiences of Denton were terrible. I have a ton of great memories of Denton specifically the advantages of living in a small town compared to a large metroplex.

If people can’t stop and realize hate only breeds more hate then we will continue on the same path we’ve always been on.

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Same thing has happened at Texas State multiple times.

Now on UH: