Rams Hire Wade Phillips

Looks like Wade Phillips found a new gig for the LA Rams. Seems like everything is moving to Los Angeles these days.


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Wonder how this affects case?

I’m pretty sure Case’s boat has sailed as an NFL starter. He was $3.635 million last season. The average backup salary is around $1.5 million. It will be up to the Rams GM and not Wade Phillips if Keenum gets offered.

Besides that, Phillips is the DC, not the head coach. I’ve never heard of a defensive coordinator influencing QB decisions in the NFL.

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Right, Case won’t be with the Rams next season. They basically made that clear when they inactivated him at the end.

Case should get picked up somewhere though.

I have no delusions as to wade phillips being more than a dc. Jeez dude. A lot of new head coaches, bosses, scout leaders :joy: may ask someone with wades experience as to their opinions. ESPECIALLY, one as young as the new hc. Im also aware that case is a free agent soon. Finally, so we can put to rest any further ignorance i may be credited with, im aware of a GENERAL MANAGERS job description. Hence the reason i asked the question. The answer i was looking for was given. Thank you.


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Wade waked up to me at that lunch and said “Hi I’m Wade Phillips”. I said “I know who you are. You were my wife’s high school history teacher and she knows nothing about history.” He started laughing and I continued “She said all she had to do was sit in the front and look cute and got an A”. Wade said “Yeah, that was my teaching style”.



“I guess if I die out on the field, that would be the perfect ending,” Phillips joked. “I like coaching. (Tennessee Titans defensive coordinator) Dick LeBeau is 79. He’s still coaching and doing a great job. I don’t put an age on it. It’s year to year. They didn’t ask me that when I was 32 as a coordinator. I’m not really asking myself. If you feel like you can contribute, you still enjoy doing it and they want you to do it, that makes a difference.”

Phillips’ love for coaching started with his father. “Son of Bum” comes out this week. It’s a memoir that tells the story of their relationship and how football intersected in it. Phillips will be in Denver May 3 for a book signing at the Tattered Cover.