Random thought on Army

I told my Son Who is a student at Texas A&M that I believed we would be invaded. I feel like a Roman soldier after Cannae


While most people may not get the reference it is truly appropriate.

That is a very Cannae observation.

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Cannae Scipio thinking about this game?

Army is very good; very impressed by them. As bad as we played, I’m not sure we beat them unless we play perfectly yesterday.

Hats off to them.


We get good educations and look what happens?

Love the historical reference. But to be truthful, the Carthagenians under Hannibal were outnumbered by the Romans, and destroyed the Roman army, killing 70,000 of their 86,000 man army. Truly a David v. Goliath effort.

We were more like Custer…
Outnumbered, out efforted, and out coached.
Custer’s famous last words, you ask ?
“Wow…look at all of those Indians…”

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Navy killed our season. Army just nailed the coffin closed. RIP


Navy started the death spiral, but Tulane unintentionally killed our season. That was when King got injured and the Oliver incident happened within minutes of each other.

I personally think it was the SMU game. SMU came out prepared and motivated. We were 7-1 and ranked. That’s when most of our core injuries occurred on defense. SMU really took it to us. UH team and fans were all full of themselves. Incredibly inept play calling by Briles the entire game. I think that is when the team began doubting the coaches, and themselves…UH was embarrassed in that game, much more than in the Army game (Army actually has a good team–SMU did not). Just my opinion though. Navy and Tulane were bad games too.


Rayos thou hath said it. They also did it to Herman.

Look if you want to set some kind of college football record you just play UH and it will happen.

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^^^^^^^ truth, right there

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Thou art Scipio Africanus at Zama

Gotta change that f-ing fast.

I prefer a more enlightened historical reference:

It was Death Valley and Wile E. Coyote had just purchased a metric ton of Acme TNT…the rest is history.

That’s funny :laughing:. Don’t care who you are