Randy Clements

What’s the story with him?
Are we keeping him until he gets another job so his buyout is lower or is he going to stay?
I know he follows Briles around but I read FSU has a good OL coach who is a grad.

We can’t really fire him and get a buyout from FSU. Hopefully we can suspend him. If he’s still coming into to work, I hope they have him cleaning the toilets.

2 things that are crazy to me. 1 is FSU poached our coach who Clements is attached to! 2 they should be growing money on trees and can afford his buyout. Pure speculation here but I imagine that they think we “extended” him only to increase the buyout or they wanted to negotiate and we said “nah bruh”.

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Wondering where he stands in the eyes of the new regime?
Look no further than:

Scroll down to the bottom… Yes, where the footnotes are… that’s where you will find Randy Clements.
I don’t get it, probably never will.
But there it is.

He’s in the position like 4th & 10 on the 29, waiting on them to kick or punt

Clements is currently in Tallahassee from what I’ve heard. It’s just a matter of working out the payment from FSU to UH.

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This is the weirdest thing I have ever seen. Surely FSU has the money to pay the buyout. This appears to be more about principal from both parties. I wouldn’t budge either.