Rank the assistant coaches

You can rank however you like. I choose to base it mostly off of how the players have improved from last year.

Clay Jennings-DB
A.J. Blum-DL
Chris Scelfo-OL
Kenith Pope-RB
James Casey-TE
Brian Johnson-QB
Dan Carrel-OLB
Kenny Guiton-WR

Is this your order? If so it’s pretty good. I would probably put scelfo 1 and definitely agree on guiton as last.

Is this just game coaching view or recruiting which is significant aspect?

However you like. I just want to see how people view them.

Yes this is my order.

This is spot on. The WR definitely need to learn to block. It has been consistently mediocre all season. The DB have been outstanding. When they were a big question mark.

Agreed that WR need to improve blocking. SMU and TT both has blocking WRs. I’m still waiting for the Tends to be invited to the party.

DBs are very good inside the red zone, probably because it’s a compact area not like having the whole field to cover. I don’t think the DBs consistently tackle well. To many hits with no arms wrapping up. happens every game and we make average WRs look like all-americans. It is getting better little by little.

I think
Scelfo -OL
Carrel -OLB

I can’t really rate Casey. It seems our TEs are just blockers. Why not put another OT out there instead?