Ranked Losses, Week of Dec 26

2 UConn to 22 Xavier by 10!
9 Arkansas to LSU
12 Baylor to Iowa St by 15!
19 Kentucky to Missouri by 14!
21 Miss St to 8 Alabama by 11!
24 West Virginia to Kansas St
25 North Carolina to Pitt

Lots of near misses on Saturday, with Texas & New Mexico winning by 1 and Kansas winning by 2.


#5 Arizona playing at #25 Arizona St on Saturday also

For our seeding purposes, go Sun Devils


UCONN is stacked.

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We just surpassed UCONN as #1 in the NET rankings. We also increased our advantage in KenPom over 2nd rated UCONN by 1.68

We’re really stacked


UH pulling away in KenPom, now nearly 1.8 points (per 100 possessions) ahead of UConn. 2.3 points (per game) ahead in Dokter. 1.5 points (per game) ahead in TeamRankings. 4.2 points (per 100) ahead in T-Rank. 5.3 points (per 100) ahead in Haslametrics. 1.05 points (per game) ahead in Sagarin.

Here’s how our schedule stacks up vs possible NCAA/NIT teams (to be played in bold): Six down, ten to play.

9 Alabama home
11 Virginia away
16 Saint Marys neutral
29 Memphis home and away
46 UCF away and home
49 Oregon away
64 Kent St home
67 Cincy home and away
72 Oral Roberts home
101 Tulane home and away
104 Wichita St home and away

In addition, Texas Southern and Norfolk St have legit chances to win their conferences.


Wonder why Kent State dropped so much in NET? Not a Quad 1 win now

The NET is a weird metric to figure out.

Ill have to read more into it. I know blow out wins are great for NET purposes.

But for Kent St. Played 3 good teams and lost close. But no great wins on their schedule

True, but they didn’t even play, much less lose, and dropped 8 slots

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AP projected has us at #2. UConn dropping to 8th