Ranked Losses, Week of Jan 23

2 Alabama to Oklahoma by 24!
5 Kansas St to 12 Iowa St
8 UCLA to USC by 13!
9 Kansas to 17 Baylor
10 Texas to 4 Tennessee by 11!
11 TCU to Mississippi St
12 Iowa St to Missouri by 17!
13 Xavier to Creighton by 17!
15 Auburn to Texas A&M by 16!
15 Auburn to West Virginia
18 Charleston to Hofstra
19 UConn to 13 Xavier
20 Miami to Pittsburgh
25 New Mexico to Nevada

1 Purdue and 23 Providence in action today vs. conference foes.

We were 3rd last week, but closer to 4 Tennessee than 2 Alabama. There’s a chance Tennessee passes us up for 2nd based on their win vs. Texas and our shaky performance yesterday. In KenPom, Tennessee has taken over as #1.


At the beginning of the season I thought maybe 6-8 teams top had a realistic chance to win the National Championship.

I still like the Coogs chances better than anyone else….but I’d say there are 10-12 teams that if they get hot in March can run the table.

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I think our outlook is stronger than ever…we have been very consistent. Every team has had struggles at some point. We are just about the only team that started highly ranked that has lived up to the hype!

A good thing to note is that Virgina didn’t get a loss this week, our win against them is getting better and better lately. I see us at staying at 3 with Tennessee passing us though.

A good thing is our two losses haven’t been blowouts like Alabama’s was yesterday, bad thing is Alabama lost yesterday, that didn’t help us in the ratings.

I still expect us to hold the line against Tenn… we had 2 good victories… including a Quad 1 at UCF. I am thinking we are #2 tomorrow but it will be close.

Katz is the new Seth. Seth has us at 3.

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Katz has to just be trolling fan bases at this point. That’s the only way this makes sense.

Complete rubbish…are you joking… Indiana???

Katz doesn’t have an AP vote but it’s wild to be in a world where Davis isn’t placing us multiple spots below the consensus lmao

He is a Big 10 homer and works for the Big 10 network. Some rankings you just have to ignore

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It really tough to find a find a top 25 Big 10 team let alone top 10… it is just not a very good conference.

Purdue is benefiting from this overall weakness.

Indiana, Iowa State???

Baylor??? Kansas just lost 3 in a row.

Bruhhhh. Wtf is this madness?

Andy Katz’s Power 36 is more so who he likes than any substance behind why ranks the teams where he ranks them.

Indiana is 9-6 in their last 15 games and that is with a 5 game winning streak against no ranked big 10 teams

AP poll is out. Tennessee passed UH for 2nd place, as I suspected.

I am sad… it sets us up to struggle to move up/maintain I think. We will not have the chance to have a much better week since the only high NET team we have left is Memphis twice.

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Alabama plays at Tennessee on 2/15. That game will be telling for the 1 seed line.

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I’d rather have the loser of that game have a slump for the rest of the regular season so they plummet in the seedlines honestly

True. It’s unlikely but we could theoretically end the year with 7 Q1 wins if we sweep Memphis and favorable results between them and Cinci the rest of the way.

Stop it. Andy Katz is knowledgeable and has better reasoning for his rankings than some other AP voters. It’s not insane to have us at 9. I think we’re anywhere in the top ten just like many other teams.

Also y’all worry too much about quad and seeding. You play who is in front of you and you give them your all no matter the ranking. Does it matter if we play a 7 seed or a 12 seed? Every team is good.