Ranking the Games with a Different Metric

Just for a different perspective, here are the games this weekend based on lowest ticket prices per ESPN:

B1G - $339
SEC - $305
AAC - $72
B12 - $63
PAC - $49
Sun-B - $47
ACC - $46
USC/CAL - $31
MAC - $23
CUSA - $21
MtWest - $16

Of course not all things are equal:

  • Two games are played Friday night
  • Six games are neutral site
  • Only four games have true playoff implications

The two most interesting games are the SEC and the AAC.

However my gut feeling is Iowa is going to beat Michigan.

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What would really be fun is if
UGA beats Alabama
Iowa beats Michigan
UH beats Cincy
that would really mess up the playoffs


Is that the highest price for each game or the median?

If all this happens and Baylor beats OKst who will be in the CFP there will be Georgia and only 2 loss teams other than ND and UH. If this happens I can make a case for us being better than ND

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I don’t see any conceivable way they move UH into the top 4. If that scenario happens, it’ll probably be Georgia, ND, Bama, and they’d likely move Baylor to #4 as the highest ranked conference champ left.

I get that but I ask you how is ND better than us they have played nobody as well and we would have a top 3 winOver a team that beat them also common team

Rankings inertia. They’re already #5, so if #2, #3, and #4 lose, they’re going to move up.

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Yes I get that but still do not see how they are better or more deserving than us

If we beat Natti while they are sitting at home I’m sure that win is enough to boost our strength of schedule over theirs I know it won’t but there will be no doubt our strength of win is better

They’ve played a much better schedule than we have. True, we’d have the best win compared to them, but we also have a much worse loss. At the end of the day, the chair of the committee has literally gone on the record as saying that they will set aside the games and use the eye test if they have to. And I’m sorry, but Notre Dame gets that nod 10 out of 10 times, and that’s not even taking into account the ratings boost the playoffs get with Notre Dame in the fold. The reality is Notre Dame is a way better TV draw than we are, and everything else aside, that is truly what makes the difference.

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Imagine us beating teams for three weeks in a row while teams ranked higher than us lose and we don’t move up the rankings at all and ND sitting at home and teams lose that are ranked higher then them and they jump them .in all honesty if we would have moved up each week we could be in the top 10 by now wow .what a season

It will be very interesting to see how the CFP rankings play out tonight. I didn’t think Baylor had a chance, but if they move up a few spots tonight, then beat OSU with Bama and Michigan losing badly, and of course the Coogs taking care of Cincinnati, they might have a chance. As a Baylor grad, I would love that.

thats the "get in " price

I’m all for messing things up. Gundy would love us. And maybe the interim coach at ND too.

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Idiotic Finebaum is saying Fickell to ND. I had hope until I heard that.

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