RE: Trump and contracting COVID

We are calling on all Coogs to usher every ounce of civility you can muster. We need everyone’s better angels right now. Please do not use this forum for ANY petty partisan bickering, insults, gloating or political opining. We are not saying don’t have your opinions. Just vent them elsewhere off of CoogFans.

This is a serious matter, and please treat it with reverance. Any pettiness/gloating/snarkiness/bickering/insulting/conspiracy theorizing will be deleted and might result in suspensions.

Whether you love Trump or hate him, no matter where you are on the political spectrum, our country needs us all at our best right now.

Let’s not act like Longhorns. Thank you.

(BTW if you need to vent, Longhorns ARE fair game on this board).


Hoping for a safe and speedy recovery. :pray:


the same here. I know people who have died from it. I wish that on no one. I hope he and the first lady recover.


I too hope for the President’s recovery. I don’t think this country can handle much more instability. But I will add this just like my uncle who refused to take this seriously, no social distancing, no mask, going to the casinos up here, taking many of his cues from the President, and then caught it. It put him on his backside hard for a couple weeks, I hope that the President is put on his backside hard for a couple weeks then makes a complete recovery. It helped my uncle take things a bit more seriously after that, so perhaps it will help him too. As my Grandpa used to say, “Sometimes you have to earn your life lessons, if I just tell you it won’t stick.”


Three factors are working against him:

a) he’s old
b) he has hypertension, and
c) he’s a biscuit butt.

Studies show that all three greatly increase your risk of complications from COVID.

Prayers are definitely in order!!!


Not political here. I hope he and his wife have a speedy recovery. I wish this on no one.


And then the t-sips said to themselves we’ll just start our own network, to really flex the power we’ve gained by having a stranglehold on the Texas legislature. Let them bask in the riches given forth by the PUF and weep. Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!


May God heal him and he shall have a speedy recovery.

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Yes, me too. I wish this on no one, whatever the political leaning. It’s a hard thing to watch as some vulnerable and immuno-compromised people suffer greatly (such as one dear elderly couple I know who are suffering immensely from this right now – one physically, the other emotionally, but both COVID-19 positive).


Praying for the old bull and everyone touched by COVID-19.

What an October surprise. Wasn’t expecting this one.

Praying for our great President and beautiful First Lady


A sitting president’s death is on the short list of the worst things that could happen right now, especially with an election ongoing. I hope he recovers speedily.


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