Real Talk with JD from Wednesday

  • Doing this because someone met him at the CTH’s show and asked him why he hadn’t done one of these in awhile
  • #7 Jersey will be retired for Keenum and Klingler. Ceremony will be during the UCF game (Oct 29th).
  • Stevenson and Rosette will change jerseys at the end of the year since they currently wear the #7
  • Talked to Keenum who’s in London preparing for this week’s game. CTH called Keenum personally and Keenum was amazed and “will always be a Coog”
  • Goes over eligibility requirements to get number retired (Thread with info: Jersey Retirement Criteria - #2 by jeepins)
  • UH released Big 12 presentation materials - JD shows off the box it came in as well as some of the materials - plays the video (Thread with info: UH Released their B12 presentation material - #7 by Scarcar)
  • Duarte was on with 1560 - talked to them about the Big12 and also Yurachek was on earlier about CTH’s extension
  • JD says its big news - UH well aware that they will have to fend off several schools
  • Goes over the statement that Yurachek made to him earlier
  • Yurachek believes that it will take a phenomenal opportunity for CTH to leave - we’re going to make it very hard for him to leave UH
  • Tilman doesn’t believe that no Big 12 won’t affect CTH’s feelings, believes he’s happy at UH
  • JD doesn’t know where the cap will be on CTH’s salary
  • Yurachek said its not all about the base salary. IPF was key as CTH’s buyout would have decreased considerably. Current buyout is $2.5M until 2018
  • Operational facility was another key; HQ for football would move from AAC to TDECU because of it
  • CTH was flattered and said he was energized, but that they were a long way from finalizing anything; Yurachek had said the same thing as they haven’t really begun negotiating with each other as of yet
  • JD says that there is a good chance he could leave, but there’s also a good chance he could stay. Doesn’t think CTH knows right now
  • Texas could come calling, but it may not be the right time.
  • Catalon has been cleared. Monitored very closely, if he can get through the next day or 2, he’ll play against SMU. Will be monitored closely on a week-to-week basis because of his condition; probably for the rest of his career.
  • Stevenson went through full practice on Wednesday, probably play 10-12 plays and might be used on punt returns. Will not be redshirted if healthy.
  • CTH believes that skill players should not be redshirted - if they don’t see field, they need to evaluate want went wrong. Ties back into Lark and Corbin so far.
  • Taylor is fine
  • Allen is fine
  • Jerard Carter will be limited
  • JD sat down with Samples in regards to his situation. Will be an article on Friday. Samples says he is hoping to play this year, but its up to the doctors at this point.
  • Coach Pope has been coaching for 30 years - remembered coaching with CTH at Iowa State and Pope went up to him and said “you’ll be a head coach one day and don’t forget about me.” CTH didn’t.
  • CTH submitted 14 plays to the AAC head of officials for review. Received word that some of them were incorrect. On potential targeting for Chance Allen, they said he was designated a runner at the time of the hit which is why no penalty was called.
  • Hilton College on Campus came out with the Tom Herman burger. Runs down what’s on it. Didn’t ask CTH what he wanted on it - doesn’t like mushrooms or onions.
  • Bumped into Rickie Winslow about the 30 for 30 and talked to him for a bit
  • Had fried shrimp and hushpuppies at the CTH show
  • Sort of disappointed that they found Benny Anders - JD had tried to track him down. Tried to interview his mom, but she wouldn’t give any info about him. She asked JD for money for a story, but JD declined. Had heard a ton of stories about where he might be; had even heard he was in Flint, MI, but the trail ran cold.
  • Would like to do a story about Anders; didn’t think they got into his story enough on 30 for 30
  • Hasn’t seen the full thing yet, but will sit down when he has time
  • Tried to play the Phi Slama Jama song, but it wouldn’t cooperate
  • Asked if SMU was a rivalry - most of the responses were “no”
  • Greg Ward said there was some hate there in regards to SMU
  • Showed the picture of Benny Anders with the Captain’s hat and the sunglasses
  • Got the song to play
  • Goes over the SOS for future schedules - Texas Tech and Arizona coming up, no FCS. Getting tougher to schedule due to the success they have had. May have to go back on word about FCS schools to fill some slots
  • Things were on hold in regards to scheduling because of Big 12 expansion as well
  • Pimps in regards to finding future schedules
  • 2017 - at UTSA, at Arizona, Rice, Texas Tech
  • 2018 - at Rice, Arizona, at Texas Tech
  • 2019 - at Oklahoma, Kansas
  • 2020 - Rice, at Kansas
  • 2021 - at Rice, Texas Tech, at Vanderbilt
  • 2022 - at Texas Tech, UTSA
  • 2023 - at UTSA
  • 2024 - UTSA
  • Had conversation with Aresco - nothing new since Navy game talk. Ramping up Power 6 campaign with the media and public perception.
  • JD believes in 7 years that it will be a Power 4 and Big 12 won’t exist
  • Thinks podcast will start next week
  • Will do a periscope from Dallas around 4 pm on Saturday

2017 out of conference schedule looks nice. At Arizona and TT games should be good. UTSA, is an up and coming program.

I disagree with this notion.

Watching Keith Corbin’s high school video, he didn’t look particularly fast. If his potential is a solid possession receiver (Chance Allen) then he needs time to get bigger, stronger, and faster.

Courtney Lark surprises me. But again, he is a skinny 18 year old. Give him time to develop some strength and he should be fine.

Remember, Lark should have had a TD catch if not for Postma throwing a horrible pass in the lamar game. I think Lark will be making big plays for us in years (when Dunbar and Bonner have graduated).

Mulbah Car is a solid 195 pounds already. His progression is accelerated, but you can’t expect every Freshman to be like that.

Wait a minute. So if someone is a designated runner, all targeting rules go out the window? It’s then legal to hit them with the crown of the helmet? If that’s truly the rule, the targeting rule is even dumber than I thought, and honestly, I didn’t think that was possible.


Targeting is for defenseless players.

I think they should open the rule to crack blocks to the head area on defensive players.

If I understand the rule correctly, there are two ways targeting can be called:

  1. Hitting a defenseless player in the head or neck area
  2. Leading with the crown of the helmet

Someone posted this on another thread.

Allen certainly wasn’t defenseless, but there can be no dispute that the defender led with the crown of his helmet. The rule doesn’t seem to have a carve out for “designated runner”, whatever the heck that is.

No. They cannot lead with the crown of the Helmet. CTH talked about this at the coaches show. The refs said he was a runner and that the guy didn’t lead. CTH disagrees

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