Realignment: Big 12 at Loggerheads

Yippie. Love negotiating.

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That’s a Baylor fan’s site. Not sure it’s much more accurate than some of the other Twitterverse realignment tweeting heads, but who knows? Hope he’s right. Maybe this is what Montemayor got some murky intel on: Texas, UH, and BYU with some or all of the remaining Big 12, possibly a Cincinnati or USF/UCF as well.

Would love to see


West Virginia
Kansas State
Iowa State

You’d essentially have the best Texas schools (sans A&M) with BYU in one division and pretty much the best of the old Big East with the Kansas schools and Iowa State. Basketball would be excellent.

I gather the nuts falling is not reserved to the froggies alone …

OU cannot exit and leave their family jewels behind … GORs … unless the conference breaks up … it takes just 3 to tango …

If this is a Baylor fan reporting then he and his fellow cubbies would be up the creek without ah paddle … it will “dawn” on him … eventually.

Something like the above or us going along with a new Super Pac is actually the best case scenario

What kinda crap??? The best of the old Big East was Miami and Virginia Tech. C’mon, buddy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

OU should convince ut to bail and go west with us.

PAC 10 East:
Arizona St
Oklahoma St

Preserves traditional PAC 10 rivals and gives the league central and east coast exposure… which they need. No religious schools and Houston > lubbock. Watch Rapelor sue lol

And I suppose the 4 existing Pac-12 schools in this alignment will just readily give up their free trip to California every year?

Also, I don’t think Texas is going to the Pac. The B1G would be much more their style, though I could also see them going independent.

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