NCAA President proposes new super division of paid players. Is College Football now meaningless?

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Doesn’t sound new


Armstrong made it to the moon!



Realignment has been going on for a while now?

May not be new, but now in the open.

We are witnessing the death of college football yes i agree


But now we don’t have to pretend it is amateur student athletes.

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Death? Lol, college football is a strong as ever

good…student athletes have been taken advantage of for 100 years now.

In the past, Someone on a Physics scholarship can give a speech, make an appearance or discussing their value to the marketplace AND GET PAID without getting penalized but NOT student athletes

About time they recognized student athlete’s value to the marketplace.

This isn’t communist China

This but I don’t see how anything to do with China. :wink: As long as progress is made on a degree, I’m good. Seriously.

It’s not like hiring cirque du soleil in Cougar jerseys playing on campus.

This doesn’t have to be like the Y2K disaster scenarios. Everyone is going to be alright, I think. It’s still just sports.

I’m not making any predictions about the future of college football, but I don’t think I’m the only person in America that would not watch a league of sec and big 10 and notre dame. I’d rather exercise or grow tomatoes.


Capitalism= You are worth what the market is willing to pay you

Communism- 'We" decide what you are worth and you are not allowed to earn additional money because then you would have too much power even IF the market deems your value is worth it.

Luckily, College Athletes are no longer prohibited by that archaic anti-American system,

I agree with you on the NIL question, but the entire economic system on this planet is archaic.

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You think the idea of amateur athletics is communist?


Nobody says you have to watch the B1G or SEC or Notre Dame. There are 2.75 levels of NCAA football that aren’t that. Just within the greater Houston area (applied extremely liberally, but still) there are a total of 6 programs that play D1 football outside of those two leagues. G5, FCS, D-II and D-III are all tons of fun with regional conferences and rivalries as the big G intended. It’s a big, beautiful sport out there.

They should have to pay for their own education then.


A little simplistic but ok. :neutral_face:

The SEC and Big 10 just need to separate from the NCAA and let everyone else play college football. If kids can secure NIL deals they should be able to, it’s America. Pay for play is not what this was intended to be so they should stop calling it NIL.

I’m just saying that when things winnow out, and there’s a super league, composed of the usual suspects, crammed down our collective throat, the game that a lot of people love will be gone. I’ll probably be dead then, anyway. Enjoy it.


Yep, this is old news. Everyone discussed this 2 days ago.