Realignment speculation

Reported that OU, KU, and Ne met last year.

More info might be available after Saturday night.

Oh lord not this Flugar guy again, lol


Exactly…not again from this guy.

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Ugh! Here we go again

Its hard to keep up w expansion crackpots.

What_______ (insert some variation of expansion horseshit) is this one known for?

Let’s play along…

…for discussion sake, OU and KU leave for the Big 10. In this scenario, in a vacuum without UT knocking over other dominoes and the associated Big 12 implosion, does it make sense to try to buddy-up with OkSU and try to strike a deal with another conference?

Just some food for discussion…in the event that somehow the conjoined twins, OU and OkSU, were somehow separated.

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I will say this about Flugaur, when he’s spouting off things on his own, he’s usually way off-base. However, his “B1G Man” info has been pretty spot on considering it’s coming from a B1G perspective that has been communicating with OU, and not just on expansion info. My guess is that he does have a source in someone’s athletic department that is in the know and doesn’t mind some info out there.

Anyway, here’s the summary:

Supposedly, according to his source, OU has been chatting with the B1G for awhile now and badly wants to join. David Boren has been getting all his ducks in a row to make it happen, to include last year’s expansion fiasco (the conference being unable to come together to add schools shows that it is doomed and will help OU leave, and possibly leave OSU). Boren wants the athletics, but values the academics more since adding OU to the group of AAU schools would help OU’s academics immensely.

Normally, the B1G wouldn’t consider a school with OU’s academics, but their football history and prestige would be a huge boost to the B1G network. OU also has a huge presence in Dallas and would help in that market.

Kansas has long been rumored to be heading to the B1G eventually since they are AAU and their basketball prestige would more than pay for their lack of market. Supposedly, they’re a done deal if OU departs whether or not the Sooners head to the B1G. If OU doesn’t go, the B1G will go after Texas or pick from a 2nd group of candidates (UCONN more than likely) to even up the conference.

Supposedly, some at OU would rather they end up in the SEC. 1) the SEC would add Okie State while the B1G won’t sniff them and 2) OU might be a better fit in the more athletic-conscience SEC. There is a worry within the B1G that OU will head to the SEC if the athletics guys get their way.

With OU basically one foot out the door already, the question becomes when they will leave as they want out early. If OU is gone, UT wants nothing to do with the Big12 and would want out as well. At some point in '21-'22 or before, both of those schools will go to the others in the Big12 and offer that the conference can remain P5 as long as both schools are allowed to leave early with no punishments. If the conference doesn’t agree, UT/OU will wait until the TV contract ends in 2025, leave, and the Big12 will cease to be a P5 conference. If the conference agrees, the schools are allowed to leave early and remain a P5 conference for at least a period of time.

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The problem with Okie State is that conference realignment at our level isn’t really going to be driven by on-the -field success. The ACC, B1G, and PAC12 aren’t going to take an agricultural school with marginal academics, located in the middle of Oklahoma, and no real following outside of the state. The SEC might, but they aren’t going to pair us with them with the Aggies already in.


Agree with Pray. I actually enjoy following Flugaur. As far as expansionist prognosticators go, he is actually pretty down to earth. You have to take a lot of what he says with a grain of salt, but he is not entirely off-the-wall

As long as Boone Pickens is alive, there is no way Oklahoma politics will allow OU to dump OSU.

BIG12 is dead. Let them self implode. Expand our own brand


If OU and KU leave for B10, I can see UT take tech, us, and OSU to pac 12.

Or UT could join ACC and ACC will force ND to be a full member to go 16. SEC can add WV and Okie Lite. Pac 12 would pick the rest of the litters to go 16. Hopefully we’re one of the 4 (UH, Tech, TCU, and UNLV/NM).

UT isn’t taking us anywhere.

The best possible thing that could happen is for OU and Kansas to go to the Big 10.


SEC has no interest in OSU without OU. OU is not an academic or cultural fit for the B10. UH became VHRU (tier 1) 4 years before Oklahoma did. I am sure there are some athletic guys from the BIG that want OU but I think that OU and OSU will go to the SEC. Texas is a bigger catch and more in line with the BIG culture and academics. West Virginia’s only chance is the ACC. UH and TT go to the PAC. TCU, Baylor, K state, and Iowa St are the ones that get left high and dry.

If OU and Kansas go BIG then UT will go PAC and do everything they can to keep us out. I don’t see how that would be the best possible thing for us.

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Patrick, in case uta and OU bolt I can’t see how the small12 can keep its P5 status.

Fun stuff. If OU and UT indeed leave to wherever, but on their own terms (no $-penalties in exchange for B12 continuing P5 status), then B12 has no rationale for not including UH, “not too many TX schools”.
Wouldn’t it make sense for the B12 to remain competitive they would have to go to at least 12? Who would appeal most to TV networks?

Oldtime, your scenerio has been my prediction all along. What I posted today was in response to OU going to B10. I still don’t believe OU can leave behind OSU unless 1: they go to SEC with OSU or 2: find a spot in P4 (most likely Pac) for OSU along with 2-3 Texas school. If realignment do occur in 2022, I believe that UT and KU will go to B10. If and when that happen, OU will have 2 choices. Take OSU with them to either SEC or Pac 12. Tech and UH along with the Oklahoma schools are the new Texoma. Don’t forget that OU and OSU inquires about joining the Pac when UT turned down the Pac.


If we went to B10 my dreams would be made. :pray::pray::pray:

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They did try to go to PAC with OSU and TT and the PAC said without UT there was no deal. I believe UT is the key to realignment and until they decide what they are going to do everyone else will wait.