Reality about vaccines for Virus

This came from Yahoo. You can find it. 3 doing pre clinical studies. Gilead has one drug that was used for ebola that was used on a patient in Seattle and took him from very sick to out of hospital in two weeks. They are trying to run a bigger study. They are doing one in China with the permission of the Chinese government now. They are trying to get the powers that be in this country to cut down some of the red tape so they can get it done faster here than the normal 18 months it takes for approval.

Listen to the above. It might ease some stress.

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I did and I reposted it as I just saw this from you after I had posted it in reply to SamHouston.

Gilead stock popped this morning because they used the drug they used for ebola on 125 seriously ill, on death’s door people. 123 recovered and 2 died. It was considered compassionate use and not an actual study as there was no placebo. Still those numbers are eyepopping. I think we are going to be out of this a lot quicker than people think. If you go online and find the Ben Shapiro show he has a new segment dealing with how many people in the Netherlands tested as having the disease as opposed to how many died. The numbers change the rate of death from over 5 to point 0000 something.

Not to accuse Ben Shapiro of lying but .02% of Holland’s entire population is dead from the virus and counting.

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Information from Ben Shapiro? Do we have any news from Alex Jones, Jacob Wohl, or James McKeefe? I mean I hope there’s some good news, but I avoid crackpots.




I regret to inform everyone that one of America’s greatest living warriors has died as a result of the coronavirus.

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Truly an American hero