Reality Bites

Yeoman’s 1st season attendance (a winning year) was under Lahar’s last year, but the next 3 losing seasons were above. As we started winning and being ranked it continued to improve

1961 (Lahar) - 16k
1962 - 14.4k
1963 - 20k
1964 - 18.2k
1965 - 34.7k (Astrodome 1st year. Compare to Big 12 1st year)

Generally, no. “For cause” typically means misconduct of some sort.

Texas game May be what is the final straw. 70% Texas fans and 3-4 td loss.


By 1965 we were gaining national prominence with the opening of the Astrodome with the nation’s top running back recruit in Warren McVea.
We had a problem selling out even with our powerhouse teams in the late ‘60s and with our powerhouse teams in the ‘70s except when we played Texas or Agy. When we started slipping in Coach Yeoman’s later years we weren’t even selling those two games out.
If we can average 30-35k this year that will be great. But any more loses like Rice could be really bad.
TCU is a huge game

He only has one P5 win….


Many advocate replacing him with a guy with ZERO such wins.

Go figure!

Hey listen.

If Dana keep losing like yesterday, then he’s likely gone.

I just wish people would suggest a replacement that is demonstrably better.

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But figuratively, UTSA is fighting the giants with knives and swords, where UH can fight them with guns.

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I’m sure Sam Houston smells blood in the water. TCU is chomping at the bit to get to Houston and start passing. IMO, we will not get to a bowl game…we just aren’t that good to win 6 games.


If you’re talking Traylor, he has a P5 win and a much better win % vs P5 than CDH has at UH

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I mean it also helps when you don’t schedule tough teams. Or more than one P5 team per year actually.

To be fair, Holgorsen had one of the easiest schedules in the country when he went 12-2. Not that I’m a big fan of Traylor, but CDH doesn’t have any signature wins in 5 years


Then I’d like to see who those P5 teams are because I remember reading that UTSA is an all-time 0-fer in both bowl games and against ranked opponents.

As long as Dana has won two bowl games and beaten a ranked opponent at UH, he still has an edge.

And of course, Dana has beaten him head to head more than once.

Don’t hire down.

Ok, so I went back and checked.

Traylor has only ONE P5 victory that I could find……over a lowly ILLINOIS team that is a perennial B1G format and which was worse than Auburn…… and in a non-bowl context.

CDH has more bowl victories, a victory over a ranked team, and wins in the head to heads. Advantage CDH.

So based on that, Traylor would NOT appear to be an improvement.

If we are going to replace CDH…then let’s hire someone demonstrably better, not someone seemingly worse.

I agree with Law.

If you are going to give a G5 coach a shot at a P5/4 job its because they routinely found a way to slay Power 5 teams and in impressivie fashion.

Sumlin and Herman ROUTINELY did that…hence they earned the call up

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For what it’s worth, I sent Pez my email with a lot of caps on. Short and to the point. If we don’t send him complaints, then he can say that he hasn’t heard any.


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This is how it felt at the game. I had a “let em hang 70 on us, who cares?” mentality.

We know the numbers Zim. We all have to keep in mind that Tilman is paying for DH. He had the money to hire him. He has the money to fire him. This is as simple as that.

Well dont fire him, demote him to janitor. Let him clean the shitters at TDECU. I will show up to ever game fully loaded with Taco Bell.


Dana just doesn’t love the sport nor the job enough to be good. He knows football well but he isn’t like Herman was when it came to passion and that burning desire to win. You will never see him on a transport cart in a tunnel eating a cold pizza by himself right after a devastating loss. He isn’t even like Traylor who pounds the pavement constantly to get more support for his program.

He thinks he can half azz things to get 7 to 8 wins. It is how he kept his job this whole time. He will push for the easiest schedule possible to obtain it. Pezman will agree with him because he just knows how to say “yes” to his superiors.

I have always felt this way about him, which is why i never fully bought into hiring him.


I’m not advocating for or against anyone, but want honest debate. All my CDH stats are at UH

Traylor is 1-2 vs P5. CDH is 1-5 vs P5
CDH is 2-1 in bowl games, both wins vs 6-7 teams, loss to a 5-4 unranked team. Traylor is 0-3, all vs ranked teams.
Traylor has 2 conference championships in 3 seasons. CDH has 0 in 4.
CDH has finished ranked once. Traylor 0
Traylor has 2 double digit win seasons and no losing seasons. CDH has 1 double digit win season, 1 other winning season and 2 losing seasons
CDH is 2-0 vs Traylor
CDH has 1 win over a team ranked at the time they played. I don’t believe either has a win over a team that finished ranked but i may have missed one

How many G5 coaches have slain P5 teams regularly in the last 5 years? Maybe UC’s old coach. Most P5 coaches dont do that, especially in an “impressive fashion”. Unless you define regularly as around half the time

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