Reality Bites

Year 5 of Dana. He’s 0-10 versus our current conference mates. Average score in those games is 24-41.

He’s 1-11 vs current P5s. The one win was over 6-7 Auburn.

He’s 26-21 vs FBS. 20 of those wins came against teams that were .500 or worse.

Why anyone thought we’d be anywhere different is the only thing I find surprising.


In years past I would still be upset at this point on Sunday.

I am not, in fact I wasn’t last night either. I more rolled my eyes than was upset.

That should worry the Coog Administration.

The only other time I was like that was a loss against Army under Helton.

I am now into waiting for Dana to get fired.


Email this to Khator


Same sentiment here. It was not unexpected.

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Good Houston movie


Actual attendance will be better than an email.


No that hurts the players and simply verifies everyone’s jokes about our lack of fans and supporters


That may be the case but there’s going to be so many empty seats and that will send a pretty definite message

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Will they finally get the message after Sam Houston beats us?

That strategy didn’t work last season


I think the message was sent last night. If we fired coaches due to attendance issues we would never kept Yeoman more than a couple of years

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Same here, not even mad, lol

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wow…those stats are alarming and disgusting

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We’ve been known about these stats since Year 3 before his extension.


The Michigan state coach masterbating to a sexual harassment specialist on the phone comparison got flagged? Clutch thy pearls.


Wonder what Dana’s buyout is January 1st.

Approximately 15M.

  • If UH terminates without cause, the school will pay Holgorsen 100 percent of his total base and non-salary compensation per year through 2025 and 60 percent for the remainder of the term of the contract.
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Pez and Tillman like holgerson so neither wants him gone. They don’t care what we think.

I want Dana fired now like most people but reality is that’s not gonna happen. He can lose all remaining games and he’ll still be back. Dana can care less what we say or think. He already told the fans to F off.

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Yea, that’s doable.

If SMU donors are willing to dishout $10-20 mill every year to their program in the ACC, then Houston can finance Dana’s buyout over five years.

Get him out of here.

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“Terminates without cause”

Does poor performance not count as cause?