Reality Check

H-Town, that was a truthful and factual post. And, it should come as no big surprise to anyone that DiehardCoog713 doesn’t agree with your recitation of the facts.


Because the coogs are better than many of our conferences opponents. We have better recruiting in the 4th largest city, better facilities, and we have better overall talent than most of our conference opponents minus UCF. The peach bowl is proof of that and all the power teams we’ve defeated minus TT. Vegas odds are greater for Houston. We have the #1 offense in the country. The standards are high. Even our attendance is better overall than when Case was playing. You expect more when you beaten more quality opponents than in the past.

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The astrodome was half full of Ags and Horns during the SWC days, and half empty when playing Tech or TcU

tdecu is smaller than the astrodome

Yes, it seems that some folks on here would probably “claim credit for UH fan support” if a game between LSU and ATM were to be played at NRG and it was to sell out.

I may have all my facts wrong (so you decide if it’s fake news or alternative facts) but I do believe it was right here on Coog Fans many years ago that I read that the legendary Bill Yeoman said something to the effect of, “Well, the other team is full of scholarship athletes too.”

Just because we’re playing a smaller school, or one who we think had a lower rated recruiting class than us, doesn’t mean their players don’t have heart and fight and desire to win the game too. This is not an XBox game simulation, it’s real human beings on a field under actual weather conditions with referees who make mistakes and an oblong ball that takes a funny bounce sometimes.

Nothing in life is guaranteed. I do my part by supporting the team from the stands and I expect that the players and coaches are doing everything in their power to win every game.


It all comes down to money. Sometimes taking less money and doing the right thing makes everything better. Especially in college football. More so in everything else.

It is all about the bounce of the ball. If we had continued to throw Ints and fumbled we would have lost. If we catch balls that hit us in the hands def and off we win by 40.

On a side note watching King run away from a def that had the angle on him was very cool. Nobody can coach that.


Season ticket sales would be maxed out because of games against OU/UT. We saw it with TCU, they struggled to sell out even when winning virtually every game and big bowls. Got in the Big 12 and had better attendance going 5-7. Season tickets sold out in less than a day. Same will happen to us, but we have a bigger student and alumni base so it should be even easier.

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Yes but they are still French…

Well it did not help losing to Rice by three points and losing 2 key players, I believe Orlando Inglesias and someone else in Rice game because of injuries…and season went downhill after that…

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You really don’t understand college football if you think your team should destroy everyone it plays. It’s not how it works. Ask Texas about Tulsa, OU about Army, Virginia Tech about Old Dominion, etc. I do, however, have high expectations for UH this year and will be disappointed if we don’t win the division. But I would expect a number of close conference games. There’s a different dynamic with the fan base today than there was several years ago (the Dome held 10k more people), but you can’t schedule games at 11 in the Sahara Desert and on Thursday nights and expect great crowds. We’re so much better than what we were with attendance, but turnstiles have slowed across the country because, IMO, of the saturation and how TV is screwing fans. Despite all that UH fans have had to deal with, we’re still among the top G5 programs at the gate.


Hello we have a chance to go 11-1, let’s enjoy the ride. AAC has prove it can play with
any conference. Some network will value our progress and pay our worth. AAC just need
to win baby win.


No. When’s the last time it sold out for any P5 visitor? It has little to do with who we play. It’s about caring to show up. Period.


But there’s a difference between 1 game and a conference schedule. 1 game (unless its a huge one) doesnt sell season tickets. Full schedule does

Tickets sold does not equate to butts in seats. That’s another problem. If we can’t sell out one(which should be easy) what makes you think a full schedule will sell out? #RealityCheck

Cary, thanks for the sober reality check. I have been guilty of looking down on certain programs in my posts on here. I’ll admit that I very often have on Coog-colored glasses because I have very high expectations for our team at the beginning of every year. The fact is our program is at a point where we can and should compete for championships every year. There is no one in this conference that we don’t have the ability to beat. On the other hand, we are capable of losing to anyone at any time (see Tulane and Tulsa last year and SMU in 2016). Thanks for the reminder that having high expectations should not be equated with crapping on the other teams in our conference. We have a very good conference. While we all want to be in a P5, we should be thankful that we’ve had the opportunity to be in the Big East and now AAC, rather than being stuck in C-USA.


I’d have to respectfully disagree with you hear, Sir. UH vs Texas would be an emotional game! People in droves would have been there and standing room only would have been all you could find if any tickets were left. You would be talking the highest attended Home UH game at TDECU because of the disdain that both schools fan bases have toward each other…book it!

Check the last few games we played against Texas and you will find the reality doesn’t match your expectation.

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