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2001 when we had Dimel as coach…oh I remember, I was a Student and I was there (with 2 years left to receive my degree). This team is tons time better than that. Applewhite won that bleachergate game for Texas because Chris Simms couldn’t handle our defense…last few games against Texas with Dimel and Helton as coach. This isn’t 1993 - 2001. Our base now will show up for that.


Oh man… we are contemporaries. I was in school, it was my first year at UH. I had done a massive full year at HCC and transferred in, so I was technically considered a Junior.

Do you remember the fake punt deep inside our own territory? Dismal was a good recruiter, but a terrible in-game manager. Made the absolute worst decisions.

Some good players though: Iglesias, B Middleton, Joffrey Reynolds (sad he got involved in some domestic stuff after his HoF level CFL career)…


I was there too. That was my senior year. A fantastic end to a very dismal 4 year stint at UH.


Lol…Dana Dismal and his “Stealth Offense”…yes, I remember. Is Dana still coaching in the Big12??!

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I graduated Dec of ‘02, also the end of Dismal’s tenure. Was in the Air Force by Mar ‘03. Briles’ first year I was learning Arabic in technical training for my first military assignment. It was hard to get games where I was, but I loved the Coogs.

Watching games is so much easier now. I get to see every one. This country is so amazing!

Actually he is head coach at UTEP.

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He was the OC for K St before taking the UTEP job. God bless the Miners.

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I highly doubt it. I’m not saying that the cows have the same fan base as NW Houston is filled with aggys, but there would be thousands of cow fans show up. What does that do for us? Would we be overrun in our own stadium? Would we have that many butts in seats for Okie State, Stanford (or whatever other conference teams we might play)? Again, it’s not a testament of who we play, but if Coogs care enough to show up consistently. We haven’t shown that. Splitting the stadium 75/25 with the cows and turning around and no one showing up for a home game against tech or baylor would be the most likely outcome. What have you seen in the past 5 years to suggest that we would sell out, point, blank, period?

The last few times we played UT it was mainly a UT crowd, even at Robertson. In Austin only a small percentage of UH fans bothered to drive up. Heck, me and a group of 15 or so people were in Austin and didn’t bother going to the game.

So history does not show TDECU being packed with UH fans for a game against the horns.

I think it would he packed by UH fans in the current climate

Thank you for your service, sir. Those were some terrible times at UH. The only sport we were decent at was baseball. No one came to watch anything and nothing was on TV. It was so bad that after living on campus for the first 2 years, I moved back home for the last 2 because there was nothing to do on campus.


Class of 2002 also. We’ve come a long way and yes I’ve always disliked Major and anyone from that Horn team. Sorry, it means more when it’s your years at the school.


My dad is a Whorn grad… grad, not T-shirt fan. He was there with some friends, I was in the student section.

You know how many times I have had to hear about that damn game when we talk college football?!? I always respond with a question about who has been to a NY6 more recently. He might say something about a national championship, and it goes on and on.

Edit: In his defense, he apologized when he didn’t have to for the way Judas left UH to go there. I told him Herman wasn’t ready for that jump, but in the long run, he is a good coach and will get UT back where the fans want the program to be.


We didn’t sell out for Tech last year (36,383) or Vandy in 2015 (29,565). Now, we did sell out Robertson for games against TT and Miss State in 2010 and 2009, respectively. But it only held 32,000 and we sold that for Tulane the week before the Miss State game. And remember, those are the announced attendance figures which uses tickets sold, not actual bodies coming into the stadium.

We would sell out for UT and OU and maybe a couple others if we are winning. If we aren’t winning our fan support disappears like a fart in the wind.

You’re the board’s Mark Twain.


If you don’t think we can sell over 25k season tickets in the Big 12, then we obviously don’t deserve to be in it. TCU sells 30k and Baylor is up there too between 25-28k. Every game is pretty much already a sell out with those season ticket numbers (5k or more for students, 4k for visitors, 2k athletics giveaways).

TCU did what it needed to do after the swc breakup while we were piddling around. The stepped up in the wac and mwc and sold tickets when it counted.

Uh would sell out on the announcement of a big12 invite but on the trail of a bad year support would drop off. See last year’s season tickets and attendance as an example. Along with practical examples of previous games against our supposed rival, UT

We’ve made good progress on growing our program. For many years we had administrations that could care less about athletics. Not now! I’m delighted to see how many more young alumni and students are supporting our programs. But don’t kid yourselves – we won’t receive serious consideration under nearly all realignment scenarios until we reach/surpass the 25,000-season ticket mark. There are simply more attractive candidates who have the facilities, attendance and season ticket sales that assure a sound financial base for P5 conferences.

One thing people have beat around the bush about is the Kendal and Clements hires. UH knew they would take a little hit in sales, but I think it was a very calculated decision by the admin. They think it will pay off in the end. I personally don’t agree with people who boycott the team because of a particular coach, but that is each person’s decision what they do with their money. The “Applewhite is low-energy; that’s why we aren’t selling out” is an absolutely ignorant hot take.

A lot - not all - of the people who bought tickets because of Judas, because of the Peach Bowl, because TDECU being new we’re eventually going to disappear. Add to that the people who didn’t agree with the CMA hire and got all butt hurt; the people who renewed for 2016 thinking we were going undefeated (I know I did), but saw serious regression in year two of Herman (Navy was excusable because of the monsoon, but SMU/Memphis); and the people who didn’t agree with the Kendal/Clements hire. Finally, don’t forget the non-stop, absolutely tone-deaf changes to seat-mapping and ticket prices, and you had a recipe for what we are seeing today.

The good news is… guess what, we win a lot of games and everyone and their mother will be back in those seats (or maybe the concourse :wink:)


You must not have seen the Baylor game over the weekend. The stadium was AT LEAST half empty !!

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