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YOU are not worth my time…I supposed that is Kingwood in your screen name…good I live there as well…maybe I can trigger you some more, neighbor!

I want CMA to succeed. He’s much more likable thank Herman. Maybe not as likable as CAB or CKS were/are.

I can’t tell if CMA is a Saban (low energy, but there’s substance in his words (i.e. no “coach speak”)) or Levine prototype. His 1.5 seasons at UH look a whole lot like Levine’s first 1.5 seasons here.


And yet here you are writing replies to my comments.

Agreed Brad…always a pleasure hearing from you, friend.

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What makes him like Levine in your opinion? I am just checking my blindspots when it comes to Applewhite.

The reason I ask is I don’t see anything in Applewhite’s coaching or staff decisions that makes me think Tony Levine. In-game management, moving on from Johnson as OC and hiring a legitimate offensive guru in Kendal, background/pedigree (OC’d under Mack Brown, Nick Saban, and Tom Herman)… none of it is like Levine.

I see CMA as his own coach. The jury is still out, but I think it is silly not to give him the benefit of the doubt (not another Levine) right now 5 games in to year 2 as a HC.


You know who Travis Bush and Doug Meacham are, right?

Levine was a great recruiter. We all agree on that. And most of us think CMA is a great recruiter (his support of High School coaches was a big reason he was hired).

CTL had an unimpressive season 1, as did CMA. CTL started his second season 5-1. CMA is 5-1. Stuff like that.

CTL and CMA are pretty direct, yet unemotional communicators. Unlike most of our recently successful coaches. Although I’d say Pardee was a direct and unemotional communicator. You don’t have to be a rah-rah-rah guy to be a great or even successful coach. Just drawing similarities.

And you know CTL was a coach on an NFL team, right? Ya’ll act like I’m selling CMA short…I think ya’ll are selling CTL short.


Hey Guys, bickering like this is what gets threads closed. Please stop.

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Levine had a losing season his first year. Applewhite was 7-4 before a bowl game loss.
Equating the two is ridiculous.



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You know he played for the Texans, right?

Equating a 0-12 season to a 12-0 season is ridiculous. Equating a 5-7 season to a 7-4 season that included a canceled game that many on hear assumed we would have lost is far from ridiculous.

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The Tulsa and Tulane losses were very Levine-esque last year, as was firing a questionable coordinator hire after year 1 and upgrading (see Gibbs for Bryant).

The slow starts and the upset of a ranked USF on the road are reminiscent of Sumlin.

So far, his WL record is between what Levine did his first 2 years and what Sumlin did in 2008 & 2009.

To me, his orginal staff was very Sumlin-like.

Hopefully, his record ends up more like Sumlin than Levine.

Here’s the deal, though. He inherited a better situation off the field than any UH coach in history. I’m talking facilities, season ticket base, etc. And on the field, he inherited enough talent relative the the SOS that through 1.5 years under Applewhite, UH has been an underdog only once (USF last year).

To whom much is given, much is expected. Here’s hoping Major delivers.



Who assumes we would had lost at UTSA?!? I highly doubt we would have. Now it’s time for your blind spots to be checked.

I liked Levine a lot. I thought it was risk to fire a coach with an overall winning record. Especially, when we had a season without a home. That will scare some candidates away, but the admin knocked it out of the park with Judas’ hire.

I forgot about that. Legit comment. I guess we will see if CMA goes the Levine route or the Herman route from here on out. The rest is just speculation.

Great comments! No Houston Cougar coach has had the facilities and backing that Applewhite has had. That is undeniably true.

CTL had Meachem for one season to replace Interim OC Bush and that helped. Will CMA have Briles for only one season as well? Who knows. At least it seems highly unlikely that CMA would replace a departed Briles with his Season 1 OC!

[Oh, Tony, I will never understand why Bush was not good enough the first time but was the second time. #EatMoreChikin]

Oh, I thought you said he had “professional” experience …>:sunglasses:

The reality is, no one should know exactly what to expect from the rest of the season because we have 3 wins against teams that lose A LOT, 1 win against a below average P5 and 1 loss against a middle of the pack P5 team.

So many valid arguments could be made in one direction or another that we should at least wait until we lose to a bad team or beat a good team before predicting the rest of the season.

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Dang. We agree on something on consecutive days. Good job.

We’ll certainly have more opportunities to lose to bad teams than beat good teams this year. Based on what I’ve seen so far, this is how I view each game from here out:

@ECU (bad team)
@Navy (bad team)
vs USF (good team, sort of)
@SMU (bad team)
vs Temple (good team, I think)
vs Tulane (bad team)
@Memphis (bad team)

The problem is, I’m not sure how to label us either. And all the teams on that list, even the bad ones, have the ability to beat us if we don’t take care of business.

So, after all that, I agree with what you said:


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