Recommendations? (What to do about p-word discussion)

Correction, Dustin clearly far left. He always supported every far left issue. IT rarely posts.

Everyone is far left to you. You’ve shown that over and over. You’re wrong about this. Israel is a pretty clear and obvious example of that.

And IT is involved in moderation whether he posts a lot or not.

But let’s say you’re right about Dustin being left, you had one of each just like was requested. And IT is in control, it’s his board. The bias whining is nonsense.


Not to jump in so abruptly, but if I’m not mistaken and recall correctly, the vast majority of the politics board regulars were overwhelmingly pro-Israel back when this first sprang up

Not pointing you out specifically, but many of the pro Israel supporters in the general population have quietly backed off from their support over time lol

I haven’t and don’t think he has either. And not sure why that’s funny.

In any case, supporting Israel isn’t a far left position. That was my point.

The rational people were in the majority on the political board, the other side couldn’t stand being in the minority

Rational, lol

No politics. Coogfans is a better site without it.

Keep insulting. See you can’t have a discussion.