Record enrollment

UH Reaches Record Enrollment of 43,797 Students
UH By the Numbers for Fall 2016

While UH is growing, it is also maintaining its diverse makeup, with no single ethnicity in the majority. Hispanic students make up 29 percent of the student body, followed by whites (26.8 percent), Asian Americans (20.5 percent) and African-Americans (9.7 percent). UH is ranked No. 2 in diversity in the “national university” category by U.S. News and World Report.

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I wish they would increase admission standards instead of increasing our enrollment size.

I hear you.

On the other hand, it’s great to have more Cougar alumni.

809 freshmen In the 1997 class graduated in 6 years.
1580 freshmen in the 2009 class graduated in 6 years.

There are two variables in that equation:

  1. Graduation Rate
  2. Number of Freshmen

We’ve got some catching up to do with other schools.

2705 of Tech’s 2009 freshmen graduated in 6 years.
2181 of Baylor’s 2009 freshmen graduated in 6 years.

Within 10 years, I would hope we can catch Tech in terms of pumping out freshmen who graduate.

For example, this year we have a record 4400 freshmen. And 70% signed up for UHin4.

If we can graduate 70% of those freshmen in 6 years, that’s 3080 new Cougars starting their careers/postgrad education in 2022.

New Education writer replacing Ben the Worm:

BIO: Lindsay Ellis reports on higher education and metro news at the Houston Chronicle through the Hearst Fellowship. Previously, she covered business news at the Times Union in Albany, N.Y., with stops at The Wall Street Journal and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

University of Houston’s enrollment hits record level

About a quarter of students who enrolled in fall 2011 – before the UH in 4 program was rolled out – graduated in four years, and President Renu Khator has said that raising the university’s graduation rate is a priority.

If you’re a UH in 4 student or administrator, drop me a line. I’d love to learn more about your experience.

Amazing, other than one mention that Houston’s 4 year grad rate was half of UT;s and A&M’s, nothing else was mentioned or inferred. No mention of how UT is better, no mention of RK’s salary, no mention of upset faculty, and no mention about the money going to the athletic department. It almost seems like we have an unbiased reporter. Wow. Hopefully it stays this way.

Benny the Worm moved to DC to write about higher education for Politico.

Good riddance.

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