Recruiting Question

Is anyone concerned about the lack of recruiting right now? We are a month away from early signing and we have 13 commitments. We just had our best DL say no thanks. Any concerns?

How many scholarships do we have to give? If we’re only giving 18 or 20, then not at all. This is early signing. Many kids won’t sign until February just because they don’t want to. Some will. Since this is only the second year of this, it’s hard to tell what a “normal” early signing class should be.

Re the DT, he was a three-star JUCO DT. Obviously we wanted him or we wouldn’t have offered him. But he had one offer when we offered him (Idaho), and he’s gotten more offers as his second season went on. But we have had late decommits every year under similar circumstances.

None of this seems like it’s worth worrying too much about. It is what it is.

I wouldn’t worry about numbers as much as NEEDs. As long as we fill the needs(CB, DL) we should be good going forward.

Looks like we have a total of 20 to give and we have been going backwards. What i think is missed is how important that early signing period is. Only 2 kids from last year’s class that signed a letter o intent did it in January. Clayton Tune, decommit from Kansas, and Tahj Brown, an early commit that flirted with a UT offer. According to this article:

2000 of the roughly 2800 kids that committed last year did so in the first ever early signing period. I would expect that number to rise. So this is go time for recruiting and there are a few prospects leaning our way but time is ticking.

We’ll get some commitments once the high school seasons start to wind down. I think we’re still in the mix on some higher rated guys so we’re holding spots for them right now.

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I wonder how we are really doing and if we are keeping some things under wraps. I don’t know and will just have to wait and see how it shakes out.