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Hezekiah Jones was at UH over the weekend. I just spoke w/ him over the phone. Had a lot of great things to say about UH. He’s ranked as the 17th best WR by 247sports and just decomitted from Baylor last week.

Technically I can’t write an article for Coogfans about it him since we donate to ‘Cougar Pride’ and would be seen as a booster to the NCAA, but I will have one published via the other site I write for, (which covers the SEC). He’s got UH, A&M, Alabama, Auburn and Notre Dame in his top 5 in no particular order and isn’t sure when he’s going to make a decision as he’s still taking visits.

I’m excited about writing the article because he went to my school, Stafford High (on the SW side of town), and we don’t see too many 4-star ranked prospects. It’ll be more of a player profile type article. I’ll link it here from GridIronNow when it’s out.


I’d say we’re in some pretty damn good company in that top 5.

Thanks CougarJim. Hope we land him - that is indeed good company. What a far cry from 2-3 years ago when we would fight it out with the likes of Texas State, UTSA, SMU, Tulane, etc. for many of our recruits. With what CTH and staff have been able to accomplish with those recruits, imagine what heights we will reach with the 2016 and 2017 classes!

75% correct

I love seeing us being held in that regard. Good company to keep.

aggy is not good company…haven’t won a conference title since '98…

You are right in that respect. But any school in the SEC that draws around 100,000 per game is pretty much big time. And their record hasn’t been over the top but it ain’t dragging bottom either. Credit where credit is due. Nevertheless, there is something wrong in that program which would lead 4 and 5 star players to leave the team. Recruits should pay a lot of attention to that.

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You are spot on in the condemnation of their on field success, but when it comes to recruiting since Sumlin arrived there they have done very well.

Yup…too bad they don’t hand out trophies for winning the off season.

Don’t forget those recruits from 2-3 years ago won a NY6 bowl game. Now those are some good recruits!

In reference to pepe statement from above talking about UH recruits.

rich - please don’t misconstrue my statement - I never said the recruits from 3-4 years ago weren’t good. In fact, I think this last senior class was one of our best ever. But, as all the experts are saying, this 2016 class we just signed is the most highly rated and regarded in recent memory, we should be expecting even greater things from them (i.e. dominating games and contending for national championships) under CTH and this amazing coaching staff.

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It’s all good! Big star recruits are ok as long as they are not primadonnas(?). UH won big in SWC without big time stars, though we did have a few.

Correction, when we were winning in the SWC UH had quite a many big time recruits.

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